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... be in tomorrow...I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but everytime a doctor has told me that, my blood test results have taken much longer. Oh well, I'll just hope for the best. I did actually get my STD testing results back from the other clinic I went to. ... (6 replies)
... And from kissing oral sex he managed to spread it close to everywhere. I have it on my face, on my yoni and my hands. So in the first couple days I did as much as I humanly could to learn and treat and change. ... (2 replies)
... I have never spent money on any drugs, prescription or otherwise. I wanted my body to get used to this virus ASAP. The first couple of months were not nice as i had about 3 back to back ob's. ... (1 replies)

... Listen, I know what you are going through and I feel your pain. I had my first ob the last time I slept with my ex wife who eventually divorced me. Wasn't worth it but that's another story. ... (3 replies)
... from tuesday to friday. till friday my symptoms was there.when i per,ihad burning and feel in friday i went back yo doctor and she told me by looking it is herpes. ... (0 replies)
What about HSV2?
Apr 20, 2005
... c it's a silly idea, i was in fact thinking of how people worry about the fact of whether or not they will ever find a committed partner. ... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Herpes over 10 years ago and have found several things that have helped me. First about the initial outbreak... ... (9 replies)
... I used ibuprophen when I was first diagnosed, it seemed to help a lot for any pain I was having. ... (4 replies)
... I would try this cream, Derma E tea tree and vitamin E antiseptic cream. It was the only thing that worked on my sons yeast and if its not yeast well tea tree is good for everything! That is what I use in my home for any skin anything. ... (3 replies)
From a Female
Aug 21, 2007
... I'll be honest and say that I have tried many things in the past that have not helped much. Herpes is different for everyone, so you'll have to try experimenting. ... (20 replies)
... I guess i'm fairly new to herpes, only having had it for one and a half years. I've always refused to take any drugs for it, wanting my body to get used to the virus. I also refuse to give drug companies money unecessarily. ... (18 replies)
... You're not at all crazy for feeling devastated. ... (3 replies)
... Lysine and Olive Leaf Extract as they relate to herpes. The medical sources that support use of Lysine are talking of its curative effects with mice and not humans with herpes. ... (3 replies)
... Andrew, you and I might be in the same boat. I have been feeling herpes symptoms 3 days after unprotected intercourse, but have not received my blood test results yet. First, don't jump to conclusions! ... (4 replies)
... eems that my recurrent OB's are going to be more itchy than painful. I get VERY small white bumps that are painful and itchy, as well as a red localized rash in the area. ... (18 replies)
Am I really ok?
Sep 7, 2006
... herpes can be tough to deal with emotionally. The first thing that I have to say is that the medical community is SO undeducated about herpes and I have no idea why this is. ... (1 replies)
... having herpes definitely sucks. I am in agreeance with Keepsgoin as far as this sounding like "typical" herpes. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, I have faith that the story definitely will work. ... (26 replies)
... I think the best thing to do is try to avoid suppressive prescription medication. They haven't been proven to help your body fight the virus and prevent future outbreaks once you get off of it. ... (5 replies)
... I read your post while I was at work and knew when I got home I would have to reply. I really think you are both going overboard with the protection. Liquid bandaid? ... (10 replies)

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