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... of the population has oral herpes and most dont know it because they are asymptomatic.. ... (9 replies)
... and it may not be the case since they all need some kind of food to live that long. ... (9 replies)
... HSV1 can live up to 3 hours on porous objects and up to 4 hours on solid objects. However it is not exactly known what concentration of the virus is necessary for an actual transmisson to take place. ... (3 replies)

... Although mostly appearing as a blister, herpes does sometimes look like a rash or red, inflamed area. However, it will usually stick to the general area where it was first contracted. In the case of genital herpes this is the "boxer shorts" area, and in the case of oral herpes the mouth and head area. ... (2 replies)
... health care is "free". There is absolutely no cost to you to take the blood test. I have no idea why your doctor is saying that. ... (11 replies)
... Well the Lysol was a sign. I have herpes. ... (35 replies)
... ithin the first 6 months after you first contract the virus, it takes up to four months for your body to make antibodies in the blood, so just make sure you keep the area covered and aviod skin to skin contact with other areas of your body, practice safe hand washing, especially when active. ... (1 replies)
... Hi there, I am going to try and answer your questions to the best of my knowledge, I know how it is when you are looking for answers. ... (5 replies)
... This one seems to be a big one. Since I have this I thought this might be helpful for those just discovering they got the big H...and a really easy, informed, self empowered way of letting people you know in on your big ugly secret. ... (7 replies)
... I think I have genital herpes although this is unconfirmed as by the time i got an appointment with the doctor the sores were healing and they were unable to test.Altough the doctor said it sounded as thouh it was from the symptoms. ... (0 replies)
... Your intial outbreak can occur anywhere, but will usually show up where the virus first made it's way into the body. Fact is I've never heard of anyone getting herpes by brushing up against someone or sitting on a toilet seat. The virus can only live outside the body for a matter of seconds. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Confused ... Herpes is not Heriditary. ... (14 replies)
... in a while and about 3 days ago I felt like I was having some major symptoms, and to top it all off I don't know if I was having a yeast infection at the same time also but it was sure having some burnin gitching feelings " inside " as well as out and those are some of the symptoms that I equate with having a ob. ... (9 replies)
... They are not called types 1 and 2 because of where they appear. However, type 1 seems to like the face better and type 2 the genitals. ... (2 replies)
... i think i may have herpes or shingles...i have had 2 episodes of blister like sores...high up on the left side of my a line formation...6 months apart who do i see? ... (0 replies)
... The worst is you can reinfect each other at a different sight. ... (5 replies)
... believe me, we all know the pain and confusion you're experiencing now. ... (1 replies)
May 3, 2009
... It lasts different for each person. Some can go weeks especially that first primary outbreak and reoccurances can be days to a week. Each person's immune system deals with it differently. Plus where you have it on your body is different for each of us also. ... (1 replies)
... so I'll tell you what I know. I have been to 11 doctors, all of whom had no idea about herpes in general. ... (4 replies)
... You asked this and were answered as best we can answer. Yes there IS a risk of getting herpes in this manner. You asked where to go from here and were told to get a blood test in 3 to 4 months. I'm sure this ISN'T what you want to hear but it's the best we can tell you. Sorry. ... (24 replies)

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