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... Ok, it's not THAT easy to spread: it needs a way to enter your body. So if you have a cold sore, for example, and you have a cut on your finger, and you touch the cold sore, you could POSSIBLY give yourself herpetic whitlow (herpes of the fingers). But unbroken skin holds up pretty well against the virus, and HSV-2 really prefers your genitals...try to remember that up to 90%... (14 replies)
HSV-1 and HSV-2
Aug 16, 2002
... I thought only hsv1 was on the mouth and hsv2 was on the genitals. Can someone explain this to me? ... (1 replies)
... Also curious as to the statement that rare but possible oral HSV 2 would not occur again and it is unlikely that you could spread it? ... (31 replies)

... tested HSV 1 has presented itself for 30 plus years. ... (31 replies)
... contact. It also tends to prefer that area, but my point is that it doesn't usually migrate there on its own regardless of where the entry point into the body was originally. ... (1 replies)
... fact. The reason why a lot of people are judgmental about herpes is because they are ignorant to the facts about it. Having either one is a nuisance because you can transfer one to the other or vice versa. I don't know where you heard that people with herpes are looked at as promiscuous. ... (1 replies)
... He told me up front. His site of initial infection and where he gets recurrences is on the shaft of his penis. We use a condom when we have sex. ... (0 replies)
... you can get herpes anywhere theres skin to skin contact. ... (8 replies)
... HSV1 can live up to 3 hours on porous objects and up to 4 hours on solid objects. ... (3 replies)
... complelx, and Olive leaf extract. I have and continue to have a fair amount of stress in my life due to a job where peoples lives are often in my hands. However I have always considered myself somewhat laidback and type B personality. ... (3 replies)
... It is possible that you did get it from the previous person you had slept with.. even though there are no signs or symptoms herpes can still be spread if you come into contact with the infected area.. so even if you used a condom your risk of getting it is still there.. ... (3 replies)
Oral hsv 2
Jul 8, 2010
... Of course, I understand where you are coming from and everyone here is responsible for finding out about the HSV 1 and 2 for themselves. I for one find a lot of info. on here helpful but I don't always take it for face value. ... (9 replies)
Oral hsv 2
Jul 6, 2010
... but CAN transmit to your partner. ... (9 replies)
... Usually this is the recurrent area for future breakouts. This is "normally" genitals or mouth area bc that's where the virus entered. The virus tries to stay to it unique dermatone. ... (4 replies)
... oms anywhere in the same dermatome as the initial infection. Therefore, you could get spontaneous changes in location of OB sores within the same dermatome. This can be anywhere in the genital area and indeed often within the "boxer shorts" area. ... (1 replies)
How To Continue...
Aug 15, 2012
... To find out which type, he should have a test done when he is having an outbreak. This can be done by having one of the sores swabbed and is the most accurate way of testing for the type. ... (3 replies)
... During shedding, the virus can infect other people through exchange of bodily fluids. ... (35 replies)
... in common and so can offer some cross protection. ... (23 replies)
Oral herpes
Jun 21, 2003
... The virus is killed almost instantly after being exposed to the air, so it's not that easy to spread it to other areas of your body. ... (7 replies)
... First, it will tell you IF he has a particular type, but not WHERE it's located. So if he has it only orally, it wouldn't support an accusation that intercourse took place. ... (8 replies)

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