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... If you have herpes does it itch on the inside of your vagina? ... (0 replies)
... It can take any where from 2 days on..and some people never have any symptoms or signs or it may take years. ... (2 replies)
... I am a 37 year old, single, White female who was diagnosed with genital herpes at age 25. ... (0 replies)

... I am a 37 year old, single, White female who was diagnosed with genital herpes at age 25. ... (18 replies)
... If you have only ever had sex/oral sex with your husband then my only guess would be that you transmitted it to your self. What I mean is maybe when you had a cold sore you may have touched it and then touched down below without realizing it immediately after. Have you had outbreaks down below before or did you just find out via blood test? Also, do you know which type you... (1 replies)
... Okay well first off I've had gential herpes for a few years now but I never really understood where it came from. ... (1 replies)
... you can take precautions as in not having sex while having an OB so that his chances of getting it are less.. even though you use a condom you can still transmit herpes and he can still get it. ... (1 replies)
Herpes testing
Dec 11, 2008
... Blood tests exist which measure the antibodies that are produced by the body in response to herpes. Be careful though. Many doctors are not up to date on their tests and still order an old unreliable test referred to as the IGM antibody test. ... (4 replies)
Herpes simplex 1
Mar 30, 2009
... Yes it is rare but quiet possible if you do not wash your hands and go straight from one place to the other. Also you could have it genitally and never known since there were no OB's but I would goto the doctor if you are unsure :) (3 replies)
Herpes simplex 1
Mar 30, 2009
... can herpes simplex 1 be spread to the genital area by touching it on your lip, and where does it generally show up in the genital area. I have a sore on the front part of my genital area where the hair is surrounding it. It looks a lot like a burn. ... (3 replies)
Genital herpes
Oct 9, 2007
... swab test, not just a blood test for herpes. Blood won't show up positive for several months after exposure, where as the culture test is immediate. ... (1 replies)
Genital Herpes
Apr 27, 2009
... ld be to go to the doctor and ask to be tested. IgG is the specfic test you want it will detect the antibodies in your blood, but be aware the first test can and does come back negative, it can take up to four months for the virus to show up in the bloodstream. ... (1 replies)
... heads or pimples bout look the same to me. They show up alot on my legs and sometimes thighs. They thing is I know what they are now how do I get them under control. ... (19 replies)
... er a little bit, but she has still distanced herself from me. She thinks that it's unfair to me and I don't deserve to have to be in a relationship to her. She does still love me and I can tell that she misses me. She did not know that she had H and this was definately her first OB. ... (10 replies)
... I put some anti fungal creme on the itching and that helped. I then developed small "paper cut like cracks" onmy left inner thigh where the itching was on friday. Itching went away and my back pain has gotten significantly better. Cuts are still there, but do not and have not ever hurt. ... (2 replies)
Force an OB
Nov 8, 2009
... read when I was first diagnosed, but sometimes I forget everyone doesn't read all the threads. I've gone through them with a fine tooth comb as I'm sure everyone does when they are first Diagnosed but I tend to forget not everyone is as nuts as me!!! ... (11 replies)
... uestions to the best of my knowledge, I know how it is when you are looking for answers. First of all let me ask you, did this doctor who told your father he has herpes take a culture of one of these sores? ... (5 replies)
I'm stressed
May 16, 2003
... only diagnosis does not a final diagnosis make, unfortunately. It's not a typical location for herpes but herpes can be transmitted anywhere on the body. ... (4 replies)
... cific blood test done. The symptoms you have around the genital and anal area do sound to me like herpes. The blisters and sores around the mouth also sound like herpes to me. ... (1 replies)
... Was the test for herpes a blood test? ... (1 replies)

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