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Testing for herpes
Mar 21, 2005
... You CANNOT diagnose herpes just by looking. You really can't. ... (14 replies)
... etc...I tested negative on everything but the herpes test. I don't know if it was IGG or IGM. I don't fully understand the difference, actually. I'll ask him tommrow when I visit him. ... (22 replies)
Testing for herpes
Mar 21, 2005
... the phone on std's and he told me that he gets tested on a regular basis and that he doesn't have anything. When I reminded him about it after he told me he has herpes his response was that he meant to tell me before we had sex but he didn't want to tell me over the phone. ... (14 replies)

... Okay so apparently i contracted the virus from my boyfriend over 9 months ago. i had sores and all but the tests came back negative for the swab and the blood. which it was a new infection so it makes sense. ... (4 replies)
... If he originally did a culture test which came up positive, and then a blood test gave you negative results, this would indicate that your herpes is a recent acquisition. ... (22 replies)
... OK...You have HSV1 which is Oral Herpes which is correct, but you have it in the genital area, regaurdless of where you have the virus, or which type HSV1 or 2, even though one is less serve, in most cases of lips and mouth area.. ... (39 replies)
... problems came in. The lip occurence happened within hours of the sex, so I'm not quite sure if that is related...I'm told nothing like that can happen...atleast for herpes. Some of my 'symptoms' happened within hours of the sexual encounter. ... (22 replies)
... Sorry to tell you, but your Dr. is wrong. There is no cure for herpes that is out. Unless there is some cure in India that they won't tell us Americans about. ... (8 replies)
... Unfortunately the tests available for herpes are just about useless! Many false negatives! Be sure to have your doctor use the IgG test which from what I've read is about the only test worth using. Make sure that they test for both type 1 and 2 because you can have either one in your genitals! ... (3 replies)
... t can take any where from 2 days on..and some people never have any symptoms or signs or it may take years. If you are concerned you may have it please go to the doctor and request an IgG type specific blood test. ... (2 replies)
Testing for herpes
Mar 20, 2005
... Thank you so much for responding. I had no idea that I needed to wait that long for a test and already made an appoitment with a doctor for next thursday which will be about a week since the encounter. ... (14 replies)
... First, let me extend my sympathies for what has obviously been a nightmare for you! ... (15 replies)
... There is no antibiotic for herpes..only antiviral medicine..... ... (3 replies)
... So, I have turned to the internet for information and support through out the last 2 weeks, in which have practically been hell since learning that I am having my first herpes 1 out break out.. DOWN THERE. Yes... it apparently can happen that way. ... (4 replies)
... SO, I am currently going through a herpes scare, and I don't now what to do. ... (1 replies)
... s, it made it raw and frankly really cut it up. Within 24 spots started developing all around my penis. Within 48 hours it looked bad and I went to a doctor. The doctor gave me some cortisol cream. I used the cream for a day and after some research decided that I wanted a herpes test. ... (2 replies)
... It could be any number of things. The only way to know for certain if it is herpes is to test the actual sore. ... (2 replies)
Suspected herpes
Feb 19, 2011
... I am not an expert but I have had HSV2 for 11 years and have a lot of knowledge about the virus .. ... (1 replies)
Herpes testing
Dec 11, 2008
... Blood tests exist which measure the antibodies that are produced by the body in response to herpes. Be careful though. ... (4 replies)
... Ok, heres the story... While me and my girlfriend were broken up, I stupidly recieved oral sex from someone who had been tested for STDs, but I find out later that they dont test for Herpes in a normal STD screen. ... (0 replies)

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