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... ld have been from the recent infection. One doctor, with 25 years of experience treating STD's in Thailand, told me that he thought the skin trauma activated the herpes which then appeared. ... (0 replies)
... it is in the same family as Herpes but once treated it goes away just like chicken pox when you were a child, but it usually but not always will itch.... Are these like big red hive looking bumps? ... (1 replies)
... Because if you do then this could be causing irritation which could cause your slight burning sometimes when you urinate. ... (17 replies)

... cold sores go away on their own and don't require medication. It gets better with time. ... (6 replies)
Eye herpes????????
Jul 20, 2005
... You have a herpes outbreak somewhere else on your body, touch it, then rub your eye. Thus the importance of washing hands. ... (7 replies)
... I didn't know about herpes zoster. ... (3 replies)
... fungal cream which did nothing. The fluid weeps through all creams and vaseline. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I'm a young female and have been diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2 about a year ago but only have one recurring sore on my lower back which is terrible when it gets activated. ... (7 replies)
... think you should be tested, sometimes visal diagnoses is not the best way to tell unless they took a swab of the sores, but you said it was a rash, sounds more herpes zoter which is in the same family and contagious but only until it goes away, it is the adult form of chicken pox go see another doctor... hope I helped.. ... (3 replies)
... I understand your reasoning but just because your wife has no symptoms doesn;t mean she does not have this virus, you are being totally unfair to her and if she suddenly does develope symptoms or has an OB and you haven't been honest then what do you think her conclusions will be, that you have had an affair and you def don;t need that to add to this situation..I think that... (5 replies)
Is this Herpes?
Mar 26, 2012
... fades away with medication after a few days. ... (2 replies)
... i have to agree with coping. stay calm and go see the doc. after you get on the meds the doc gives you you might want to consider taking a multivitamin or something to keep your immune system strong (9 replies)
... You have to Relax, I know this is so very hard, BUT OB's are triggered by stress it is a major factor in the onset.... Herpes invades the nerves and takes claim in the spinal cord which leads to all the nerve endings of your body, so it is already there.. Last question answered.. ... (9 replies)
Mar 4, 2009
... i get a sore every now and then on my tounge. it goes away the next day and then another shows up then goes away for a week then shows up. i did have syphillis and i got tested but i never got a call back which is good because they have to call if you have something. ... (0 replies)
... to face the receptionist and assistants at the front desk who she is so friendly with, O man I have to tell her also I sometimes I get a bump on my legs and butt which goes away after a while but if I mess around with it it becomes bigger do you think it's related to herpes? ... (5 replies)
... My partner went to the clinic and they have suggested that through the herpes she has got something called vestibulitis. This basically means her nerve ends down there are hyper sensitive. This causes the pain and the swelling. ... (17 replies)
Herpes in armpit?
Sep 10, 2002
... kind of itched a little. I figured it was razor burn or something until this morning. When I woke up, I noticed a few little red bumps that looked like herpes blisters in the area that itched. Is this normal at all to have an outbreak on my armpit? ... (3 replies)
... they didn't have anything other than a cream called Zorvax, which was pretty much useless. ... (3 replies)
... burning. He also said it could be my mind making up these symptoms which I wouldn't disagree with because I've done that in the past. ... (3 replies)
... months they look a lot like clogged pores. i pick at them a lot and even when i don't for a while and the redness goes away my upper lip looks really raw and distorted. it just doesn't get better or much worse but still it looks horrible to me. not to mention in the pictures i took. ... (1 replies)

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