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Is this herpes?
Jun 26, 2004
... specific blood test for herpes antibodies. By the way, if you get cold sores around your mouth ever, the test will come back positive for type 1, so don't panic. ... (8 replies)
... ther girl and he only had sex with one other girl before me and when she got a blood test done it came back negative. anyway so flash forward 3 months, equivocal herpes test and no symptoms but this morning I woke up and my underwear felt wet. ... (1 replies)
... A few days ago I starting having the typical symptoms of a yeast infection... the itch, thick white discharge, etc.. last time I had these symptoms I used the monistat 7 day treatment and everything cleared up. ... (3 replies)

... it felt like I had a cut down there. It was an unbearable itch and pain to a point where I wanted to cry! There was no unusual discharge, it was the normal clear discharge as always. So I went and saw a doctor at urgent care, I gave a urine sample and the doctor also took swab samples. ... (0 replies)
... certain if herpes or yeast, you mean going to the dr right? ... (5 replies)
... certain if herpes or yeast, you mean going to the dr right? ... (5 replies)
... only talks about outbreaks being common during periods or herpes and pregnancy. My questions have to do with women, but are about hormones. Please read and advise. ... (6 replies)
Herpes and odor
Feb 7, 2010
... r vaginas natural bacteria that helps to fight infection in that area. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria. Our vagina is suppose to have an natural odor and white discharge. But i know ur case is different. Try changing ur eting habits and look at side affect of all medicines u take cause some have that as a side affect. ... (34 replies)
... ...........Sounds to me like a yeast infection!.....You realy should be checked, a yeast infection can be cured w/ one tiny little pill now!.Good luck.. (2 replies)
... d reddness a week after my period that last about 5 days. I have had this problem since summer. This month I have the itching and reddness along with the usual white milky discharge that sticks to the outer walls of my vagina and inside where the opening is. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, I really think I could be over reacting and that it could be (hopefully something else) but I am very very scared. Any diagnosis would be helpful. The last time I was sexually active was about a year ago, and I have had NO symptoms or noticed anything unusual until a few weeks ago. The only thing that happened a year ago was sex (with a condom) and... (2 replies)
... A few days later, I felt off downtown. Just a bit swollen and red and thing just didn't feel normal. No marks, no pain, no blisters, no weird discharge just...odd. She did an exam, took a culture and checked for a yeast infection and BV. While it was red, there wasn't any areas of concern for her. ... (1 replies)
Is this herpes?
Jun 22, 2004
... i found out my mom got herpes and i think thats what i have. could i have gotten it from the vibrator? ... (8 replies)
... th. i waited till the 16th and 17th to have sex again. but then i started to feel sick on the 19th. woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. and i noticed some white discharge on my underwear, i checked myself out with a mirror and i found quite a bit of discharge up there. i dont itch or burn and i didnt see any sores. ... (9 replies)
... little to no irritation in the genitals. No trouble peeing. I was having a little bit of white discharge, but I now think it's just my normal discharge. When we had sex, we both had been drinking and I was very dehydrated. ... (21 replies)
Oct 23, 2007
... I am a 39 year old female. Ihave had herpes for 2 years .Once a month I get an outbreak,following my period. I would like to know what the white discharge is from,why cant I quit breaking out? ... (0 replies)
... The more I look at online photos and compare them to the bumpy rash on my back Iím more convinced itís shingles. Iím feeling random tingling sensations, aches, and nerve twitches on my body. The rash has spread a bit more but itís just pink bumpy spots and not the red and white discharge I see of HSV-2 photos . My groin doesnít hurt as much anymore but it still aches and... (5 replies)
Jul 3, 2013
... I had sex unprotected with a couple guys while I was drunk. I thought I had a yeast infection cause I was having discomfort during sex and white discharge. Then I started getting itchy bumps around my vagina and started running a fever and having a sore throat I'm very scared. ... (1 replies)
... I hav acyclovir but dnt take it cause I still hav outbreaks. My fiancee examines me wen I do to see wut they look like and we know when I hav white discharge I'm bout to hav and out break and touching the sores are ok jus wash with dial right after cause its anit bacteria soap n he cn touch u its ok we jus hav to stay calm cause one we freak out they will to n vice versa. (6 replies)
... My primary started with headache for a few days. Then I got what I thought was a yeast infection. Lots of white discharge. so thought yeast infection. got a 3day treatment and nothing. then I started getting sores and burning urination. ... (9 replies)

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