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... I hope this helps your stress related to the white bumps a little. ... (17 replies)
... Had a unprotected experience about a week and a half ago, and have since developed small white dots on my top lip. They are very tiny, but there are quite a few of them, and I'm sure they weren't there before. ... (17 replies)
... Well you might have Herpes Simlex Vrius 1 and if that is so try putting some peroxide on your lips and if it bubbles that is some type of indicator that there is some type of bacteria/infection/virus there. Mabye asking the person that you were involved with may provide some type of insight. Ask the person if they have or had any STD (Herpes). I know that it might be be a... (17 replies)

... I just noticed those white bumps on my upper lip today...I 'm glad to hear it's nothing to worry about. ... (17 replies)
... ok, here's my story: (this is kind of graphic, but i think most things are on this board) :) Day 1: discover small, red, hard pimple on labia. it has a tiny whitehead in the middle of it. i squeeze it and a little milky fluid bursts out, as well as a tiny white mass (like when you squeeze a zit). Day 2: notice what be a cold sore coming on my upper lip. i have... (2 replies)
... it's balancing act to keep the right moisture balance, if my lips are too dry it seems to create outbreaks, however, as soon as i feel the tingling, i stop using lip balm and go to the abreva. By doing this my outbreaks rarely progress past these tiny little white dots. ... (9 replies)
... well, my little white bumps are not painful at all... ... (20 replies)
... To note, when I look in the mirror and judging by the lighting, I can see the clear tiny dots that look like bumps outside of the red scar. I sometimes think those tiny, clear bumps turn into cold sores everytime I get an outbreak on that red mark scar. ... (0 replies)
... umps. This alone has caused quite an amount of concern. Also alarming is that there are small sections of white dots might have popped up on other sections of my lip and I believe they have been there for about one month, also showing no signs of progression or digression, not even blistering yet. ... (0 replies)
... like dots on my vermillion border, which do not pop like zits, but they also do not look like classic herpes sores. ... (0 replies)
... gree discharge. I noticed that my vagina is covered in bumps. Little white and red dots all around it. I'm a virgin whose only been fingered. No sex. No oral sex. ... (2 replies)
... What you talkin' bout Willis???? Who told you exactyl how I felt this morning. I mean I really had a minni breakdown last night. I have not had a "gen ben" ( genital ob ) in a while and about 3 days ago I felt like I was having some major symptoms, and to top it all off I don't know if I was having a yeast infection at the same time also but it was sure having some burnin... (9 replies)
... i am a little concerned. about 2 months ago i noticed some red spots on my tounge and what look like white bumps on the underside of my tounge. i also noticed i have a bunch of white spots on the inside of my lip. ... (9 replies)

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