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... I went to the doctor's today and told him about my recent discovery of these white dots on my lips. ... (17 replies)
... Mabye asking the person that you were involved with may provide some type of insight. ... (17 replies)
... Had a unprotected experience about a week and a half ago, and have since developed small white dots on my top lip. They are very tiny, but there are quite a few of them, and I'm sure they weren't there before. ... (17 replies)

... they are oil glands that every has in that location and when they appear as your's has, mine, and others it is said that is normally from stress. When I saw them the first time I freaked out too, I still have them and can feel them when I rub my tongue over them. ... (17 replies)
... I had a dry tongue the previous week after taking an E at a club. My dry tongue was still present on the night of my encounter, so I wonder if this could be more down to anxiety. ... (17 replies)
... If at three months you are clear, give yourself a serious break, mentally at least. By all means be careful for the remaining time, but you can be pretty darn sure of accuracy at 3 months. ... (17 replies)
... I have them too, noticed them a few years ago,just blocked pores on the inside of the lips.Still the same today .Doctor said leave them alone,it"s harmless.Very common. ... (17 replies)
... well, my little white bumps are not painful at all... and I never asked the doctor what they were, I just figured its all part of my skin, I have some of the same looking things on my upper lip if I stretch it tight across my teeth... they've never been a problem. ... (20 replies)
... HIV symptoms. Anyways, if you had unprotected intercourse, it's always safe to check for HIV to be on the safe side. The disease is out there and not hard to catch as many seem to think. ... (17 replies)
... you just seem to know your stuff that's all I was saying, at any rate I have the exact same thing going on with my lips too, and it's been long enough for me to get tested so that's what I'm doing tomorrow, and I'm getting all the other std tests too so I'll post in here when I find out what the deal is (17 replies)
... t meaning to say anything against you Zoron so I'm sorry if it came across that way and I totally understand your situation so I apologize again. I've been with the same person for 3 years now and these weird things are just now popping up, so I could just be paranoid which I probably am. ... (17 replies)
... that's a very refreshing post, a big change compared to some, nothing against anyone else but it's nice not to hear the big HIV talk, thanks (17 replies)
... I'm also just glad to know that someone else seems to have the exact same symptoms as I do, for some reason it's nice to know you're not the only one out there (17 replies)
... I agree I've looked at oral thrush pictures and they are nothing compared to what I've got going on. I also would have never noticed mine if not for looking in the mirror and seeing them, no one else notices them at all, and they don't hurt. ... (17 replies)
... Like I said, I am not trying to sound pessimistic or trying to scare anyone. I myself am in the same dilemma. I have to stay away from the girl I really love right now because I made a "mistake" before I met her. ... (17 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, and I've been searching for any advice regarding my current situation. I have a complicated medical history, but I will try and sum it up the best I can. ... (0 replies)
... I cannot afford to see a dermatologist on this matter, so I'm hoping you'll can help me. ... (0 replies)
Is this herpes?
Sep 11, 2012
... so recently i got 2 pimples above my motuh around my nose, not at the same time one came and left and now theres another one right under my nose. ... (1 replies)
... but I was definitely not "excited," wet, moist enough for the physical contact that occurred. My vagina hurt soooo bad the next day and I got my period. My vagina has been so dry and ITCHY ever since. There's no burning. ... (1 replies)
... I also find that it's balancing act to keep the right moisture balance, if my lips are too dry it seems to create outbreaks, however, as soon as i feel the tingling, i stop using lip balm and go to the abreva. By doing this my outbreaks rarely progress past these tiny little white dots. ... (9 replies)

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