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... ok so i was brushing my teeth and for no reason at all afterbi finished i loooked at my lips. i noticed that i had pimple like bumps under my top lip really tiny and white i looked at the inner lip by my gums ans found the same thing there do you think i have herpes?they do not itch hurt or anything like that im really scared and cant well dnt have thw resources to get... (1 replies)
... sounds like mouth ulcers.... I would relax, usually HSV1 occurs on the outside of the lips and around the mouth. In rare instances do you have it inside, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. ... (1 replies)
... looking white bump on the base of my penis near where it connects to the testicles. But, it doesn't pop like a normal pimple would. Also, it has appeared once before but I was able to kind of pop it, but now it has been here for atleast 3 days. ... (3 replies)

... recently i began to get this little bump on my lip. it has a white dot on it that looks much like a pimple. is it possible to get pimples on your lips or can this be a sign of herpes. it doesn't itch or burn, it only feels weird if i touch it with my tongue or bit on it. ... (0 replies)
... where his cold sores popped up. and He admitted to popping it. Two weeks later I got tingling in my lips and face and a cold sore on my mouth. ... (6 replies)
... Two days after I landed, I got what I thought was a pimple on my lip border. It looked like a pimple. It was rounded and sore like a pimple. I put on a topical pimple cream. ... (2 replies)
... umm. I thought 3 months is a gold seal. If HIV can be detected by 3 mnths, shouldnt Herpes be ? But My small round pimple type started on the side of my lips, it grew like pimple, white stuff was in it, & in few days I hit the white stuff, got that little thing out, it went low & then I still have the redness & its been like 8 days total from this start. On the side of my... (7 replies)
Is this herpes?
Sep 11, 2012
... i cant tell if its just a pimple or herpes and sometimes i feel like around my lips is burning ? ... (1 replies)
... last wed i woke and was feeling if i had a nasty cold...fever, chills, the whole thing. it also seemed that i was getting a pimple on my upper lip. i really didn't give much thought to either. ... (2 replies)
... crusty, etc. Just looked like an unhealed, popped pimple for a week or so. ... (0 replies)
... OK... 1. It's difficult, but not impossible, to get herpes from an object. Herpes is theoretically possible to contract from a toilet seat, but there are no recorded cases of this. It is a virus which doesn't survive very long outside the body and attempts to culture it from herpes have usually failed. 2. However, herpes has been cultured from wet towels used by a person... (3 replies)
Jun 24, 2004
... ourse I knew what you were talking about, sorry about the delay, had a family emergency. But about you The first thing that gives me a clue is that you said that white stuff came out of the bump. ... (16 replies)
What is it?
Oct 8, 2012
... About a month ago I noticed three small pimple like spots on my outer vaginal lips. The spots are just slightly raised and look like a skin colored pimple without the white head. There are 3 of them, they don't hurt or itch but occasionally get irritated from rubbing against underwear. ... (2 replies)
... ish colored patch on my upper lip. I pulled my lip tight and looked and I saw all these little tiny white spots. They looked almost like pustules or pimples under the skin. ... (0 replies)
Sore mouth
Apr 20, 2009
... Uclers usually are inside the mouth on the insides of your cheeks and gum line, they are white and very painful. ... (1 replies)
Is this herpes?
Feb 9, 2009
... the other day i woke up sick and i had very dry lips i smiled and i thought they had all cracked but now, since then, those cracks have turned into white pussy things.. ... (2 replies)
Is this herpes???
Mar 13, 2008
... I have two small pimple like bumps on one of my vagina lips, aswell as one on my leg which are painful, when i popped them a white like goo came out, i have not had sexual contact for about 2 months now so could it be herpes? ... (1 replies)
Zit vs. Blister
Apr 3, 2003
... Just curious, how would I tell if these little minute pimple like bumps are HSV? ... (6 replies)
Oral herpies
Apr 11, 2001
... i'm very worried that i might have oral herpies. it has been over three months since i have oral sex with a women and in the last week two different pimple looking things have appeared in my mouth, but i have nothing on my lips or anywhere on my face only on the inside of my cheek. ... (1 replies)

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