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Little assistance?
Jun 29, 2020
... burning there. I got sick as a dog for about 8 days. When the pimple like things popped, it was a darker orange color. Not white or traditional puss. After popping skin got irritated and puffy...After the first pimples healed, still kinda itchy with a white crust almost. ... (2 replies)
... ok so i was brushing my teeth and for no reason at all afterbi finished i loooked at my lips. i noticed that i had pimple like bumps under my top lip really tiny and white i looked at the inner lip by my gums ans found the same thing there do you think i have herpes?they do not itch hurt or anything like that im really scared and cant well dnt have thw resources to get... (1 replies)
... I thought to myself. Then the next day I got another one just above my upper lip. They are both hard bumps that turn into white heads. ... (0 replies)

... white pimple fluid, they are probably just pimples! ... (6 replies)
Pimple or Herpes
Mar 26, 2001
... say "pimple" is that it has "popped" a few times, but always comes back to the same spot. When it has "popped" the discharge is a white, and resembles any other pimple discharge from a face pimple. ... (2 replies)
Pimple coldsoore
Feb 26, 2008
... I have a cold sore on my bottom lip, it's on the side and goes downward. So, its partially on my lip and mostly on my face. My question is I think there is deep pimple forming on the end side, under the cold sore. There is a white head and its painful like a deep pimple. ... (0 replies)
Pimple or Sore?
Feb 25, 2004
... I have HSV 2 My Bf had a pimple I beleive, was raised with a hard(ish) white top. Looked like your classic pimple, (the kind that you need to pop)...Anyway, it's been a week and it went down and just looks like redish and flat (when a pimple goes down). No itch or pain etc,,,I feel that's it's just a zit/pimple. Sometimes I can get really crazy with this stuff. Paranoid... (2 replies)
... looking white bump on the base of my penis near where it connects to the testicles. But, it doesn't pop like a normal pimple would. Also, it has appeared once before but I was able to kind of pop it, but now it has been here for atleast 3 days. ... (3 replies)
... is it possible to get some sort of pimple like thing in the month? ... (1 replies)
... on that, but I'm pretty sure in my own mind. Yes, it had a white head. ... (3 replies)
... Because i see a bunch of tiny pimple like things that dont even hurt nor itch. ... (50 replies)
... k in, i didnt think anything of it till monday morning and i had tiny red bumps that look like a pimple on the shaft and head of my penis, they dont hurt and are itchy at times when i think about them... ... (8 replies)
Pimple on penis?
Jan 22, 2001
Originally posted by argh: Instead of being in a panic go to your nearest Health clinic. Who told you had Herpes Simplex 2 in your eye. Herpes Simplex 1 is usually found on the mouth and can be transfered to the gentials during oral sex. The virus never leaves your body but generally comes back near the... (1 replies)
... I'm pretty sure I have HSV 2 (herpes) but I never got a culture, never had noticeable recurrent outbreaks, and have had a negative IgG blood test so I'm a little confused and want to know others opinions. Almost exactly 2 weeks after un-protected intercourse I got: -3 hard red bumps/sores in a row in my pubic hair region (about the size of a pencil eraser) -A few days... (1 replies)
... lands or pimples on their penis. But it seems odd that I would get a repeat of the same pain and sensations on my penis years later, and at the same time that a pimple or some kind of clogged gland appeared. I know that peoples minds can play tricks on them, but the pain feels REAL. ... (2 replies)
... She made ridiculous claims that made no sense so I ignored it. So about four days ago I got is a pimple on the corner of my mouth. ... (4 replies)
Genital herpes
Nov 7, 2008
... as behind me. I was abit dry so there was friction. That night I started getting irrated down there but put it down to the shaving. On Thursday found the little white pimple like things and went to the Doc, she swabbed I also have thrush so I am using canesten cream. Since using this I have been irrated around the anus area. ... (18 replies)
... how do you know your pimple was an outbreak? ... (3 replies)
... I know what you are talking about. I have oral herpes and sometimes they appear right next to my lip, sometimes about and 1" down on my chin. I know that they look like a pimple, but I can tell that they are not because instead of the pus being so white, it appears slightly yellowish. And there really doesn't feel like there is a core, it's just kinda sitting at the... (2 replies)
Genital herpes
Nov 6, 2008
... I went to the Doctor yesterday as I found 2 little white pimple like dots right at the bottom of my genitals and 2 next to them on the inside. She took a swab and said it is likely to be herpes, I also have thrush. ... (18 replies)

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