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... But I've had no sickness, no flu symptoms, no fever, not even mild pain. The worst I've had is it was a bit itchy, but honestly compared to bug bites this itch was nothing. ... (4 replies)
... I really appreciate the replys I am getting. I went off my meds for a week...and the itch subsided for sure... ... (6 replies)
... I really wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. I didn't realize that you were having so many emotional problems that are due to other things besides just the herpes. ... (3 replies)

... To rule out a yeast infection why don't you visit your local doctor for a vaginal swab. It's an extremely painless procedure, nothing like pap smears. ... (6 replies)
... f me as being a "bad" person, because, I'm really not. Actually, I'm happier than I've been in years, only, I contracted 'H" with the happiness. But, if I had to do it all over again, I would still make the same decisions. As far, as my "other" goes... ... (17 replies)
... Yes, condoms Don't prevent it, I was just stating the weird coincidence in my particular case. (4 replies)
... males might think they have jock itch and females might think they have a yeast infection. ... (4 replies)
Sep 11, 2005
... they came from. They didn't itch until I started messing with them. I can only think of two things I have done differently. ... (1 replies)
... he didnt even ask about it, or check for that matter. The in fact it really was ....ok this is funny.....Jock Itch.HA so what should i do, i have to go back to the MEPS station and get sworn in and take my asvab so WHAT SHOULD I DO. I WANT GO TO THE AIR FORCE SOOOO. BAD PLEASE .... ... (6 replies)
... they look like they are just BENEATH the surface of my skin and boy do they itch and hurt so bad! ... (64 replies)
... ued the realationship. It has been over 3 months now that we have been seeing eachother. Just the other night we talked and he confirmed that he does indeed have herpes and has had them for 10 years. ... (15 replies)
Emotional s.o.s.
Aug 6, 2001
... internet and it seemed to me that I had a yeast infection. well i ignored it from that point on dismissing it as nothing more than that. Ocassionaly all it would itch and peel. Well about a few weeks ago i started having trouble with my bladder. It felt full after I peed but no burning urination ever. ... (11 replies)
... dear coping, hi, dear now i am taking aciclovir almost 75 tab- 200mg for 15 days but same time i feel burning .....i need more medicine or this is enough? i have fever(mild) in the morning time, i feel fire in my palm in morning time when i wakup.....this is comm. with hereps or ? when i will batter from burning?or it will take time? (39 replies)
... What I think is happening is even though you are on the medication, your so Stressed with everything that is going on because you are so worried, that you are bringing multipable OB's, Why did they switch you from Valtex to the other medication, I thought the Valtrex was working? ... (39 replies)
... I've researched images on the internet too, and when I see some of them it makes you feel fortunate to only have it in the genital area. Some of the pictures really puts my own symptoms into perspective and makes me realize that someone you give it to can have extremely severe outbreaks even if yours are not. Photos of people whose body is covered in mass sores which must make... (64 replies)
... Last saturday I did a stupid thing, for the second time in my life I had a one night stand. On sunday my back started hurting very very bad, and I started to itch on my inner thigh. ... (2 replies)
... I hope this was able to help you out a bit. Feel free to post if you have more questions :) (6 replies)
... it's really hard to tell! Once you know that you have herpes, every little itch or twinge below the belt becomes suspect. The thing is, before you had herpes I'm sure you had little itches, bumps, and things of that nature, but now they all seem like herpes. ... (10 replies)
... I'm still going through that whole "paranoia" stage, where every little itch is an outbreak. But I know that once I've become a little more in tune with what my body is doing, that will die down. ... (22 replies)
... and after.. hmmm to me thats a very good question.. so far ive been on these boards for quit sometime and at this point in time I have been questioning if I have herpes or not.. i look for obvious symtoms and or related symtoms.. ... (11 replies)

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