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... I was not comfortable with this so after a while told her to stop. She did and I told her I was worried about STD's. She said "I know how you feel my boyfriend gave me an STD once when he went down on me with a cold sore". ... (24 replies)
... Learned about herpes? ... (24 replies)
... i know herpes never goes away why do you think I posted in the first place. Otherwise I would not have worried about it as this girl was clearly symptom free. ... (24 replies)

... Well I'm not entirely sure whether or not I do have herpes. It's just a suspicion because of what the girl that I had a one night stand said about her sex buddy before me gave her herpes. Plus my ex asked me randomly if I was clean a couple days later. ... (2 replies)
... Hi. I am a 20 year old. I lost my virginity to my ex boyfriend in February and we had unprotected sex five times. The unprotected sex came about because he was tested for STD's in December when we decided we had wanted to commence a sexual relationship as he had been with two girls before me. ... (9 replies)
... "In the first year of infection, people with genital HSV-2 shed virus from the genital area about 6-10% of days when they show no symptoms, and less often over time. (Both of these figures reflect shedding as detected by viral culture.)" "Only about one quarter of people with genital HSV- 1 shed virus at all in the absence of symptoms, while 55% of people with HSV-2 do... (24 replies)
... I'm not really worried or even care about having herpes and the associated pain. What I am REALLY and TRUELY worried about is finding a partner, getting married and having children. I want to do all that. And I could care less about the pain if all of that happens. ... (3 replies)
... I am happy you have been OB free its a great thing! They do say that the longer you have the virus the less shedding and OB's you have. The risk of transmission is low from female to male depending on what your doing. Here are the Female to Male transmission rates If you have 100 couples where the female has HSV 2 but not the male (these figures are over a year) the... (9 replies)
... Catharine I know cold sores are oral herpes and I think you know I know this too. What I meant to say is that Cruise will think he has GENITAL herpes when he may just have developed antibodies from a cold sore. ... (24 replies)
... Hey, I am really worried that I have herpes. ... (1 replies)
... That she needs to think hard about sleeping with me cause there is a chance I have genital herpes? ... (24 replies)
... Incidentally, sounds like you need to do some more research. You note that if Cruise Control tests positive for HSV1 he will assume he has herpes and worry needlessly. ... (24 replies)
... This is about you, not me. I don't advocate testing because of what happened to me. ... (24 replies)
... I've been researching and cannot find a definitive answer, and was hoping someone may have been able to talk to healthcare professional about transmission risks of HSV 1. ... (0 replies)
... I'm really worried about passing herpes on to my partner. We are trying to concieve so we are not using protection either. ... (9 replies)
... orry for what happened to u. Really I am. I will consider getting tested if I am to form a new relationship with a girl. I dont sleep around as I am too paranoid about STD's anyways. U have made your point. ... (24 replies)
... The herpes I have happen to be type 2. They happen to be in my crotch. I GOT them from a man who has never shown sign of herpes. ... (24 replies)
... No far from it. So why would I worry about it? ... (24 replies)
... Just so you know, I got herpes via someone who has never shown a symptom. ... (24 replies)
... Hi, I have had herpes since 1987, had two breakouts the first year then nothing for the last 25 years. Usually the virus will go into dormancy after a breakout or two. ... (2 replies)

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