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... Now i know the only way to be 100% certain or which it is (yeast or herpes) but this all just appeared and it the first time ever! An this is sp embarrassing anyways before my rambling goes on my symtoms are burning itching swelling redness white cloudy discharge and a few blister like sores. I keep reading online an still a little confused....what can it be??? All i wanna do... (5 replies)
... have you been treated specifically for a yeast infection? ... (2 replies)
... it's really hard to tell! Once you know that you have herpes, every little itch or twinge below the belt becomes suspect. The thing is, before you had herpes I'm sure you had little itches, bumps, and things of that nature, but now they all seem like herpes. ... (10 replies)

... i usually have yeast and herpes together... ... (4 replies)
... seem to wake with a cold every morning too. I have had numerous blood tests. I do not have HIV, Syphillis, been treated with Nystatin, myclex, and diflucan for a yeast infection. Acyclovir, steriods and Keflex. Nothing works. I have high "titers" and a positive ANA. I have had grave's disease but no longer. ... (2 replies)
... ystem is a bit different to what you have in the US. Here we have what is called a Medicare card and you can visit most gp's with this card and not get charged, or if you are charged then the Medicare system will give you a part refund. ... (9 replies)
... Have your doctor take a look at it if it comes back in that area or if it persists. ... (5 replies)
... To rule out a yeast infection why don't you visit your local doctor for a vaginal swab. It's an extremely painless procedure, nothing like pap smears. ... (6 replies)
... This is a question about female hormones, menstruation, outbreaks, and yeast infections. Yes, all of those! ... (6 replies)
... Itchyness, burning, and unusual discharge happen. I looked up the signs and it seemed to match a yeast infection. However, I got little cuts around my vagina opening too. From what I have looked up this can be a yeast infection or herpes. ... (0 replies)
Jan 29, 2003
... I'm not sure why you would assume what you have is anything other than a yeast infection, especially if the symptoms went away right away after using yeast cream. It sounds more like a yeast infection to me, from what you're saying. Did the discharge have a strong smell to it? ... (9 replies)
Yeast? OB?
May 5, 2004
... Herpes ob's might trigger yeast infections, which sucks. I am currently having both now and the yeast is taking longer to cure. And anytime I have yeast, I also have an UTI, so I am feeling not that great right now...... ... (5 replies)
... My first outbreak was what I thought to be a yeast infection. ... (4 replies)
... certain if herpes or yeast, you mean going to the dr right? ... (5 replies)
... certain if herpes or yeast, you mean going to the dr right? ... (5 replies)
... Hi ,... No it is not possible to have a false herpes test as they are accurate as sometimes it looks like yeast infection at first.. then the blisters... ... (1 replies)
... Is your girlfriend itching or anything too? ... (6 replies)
... e mornings seem to be better. My boyfriend doesn't have any symptoms and he hasn't been with anyone else for eight months and neither have I. Still, could I have herpes or maybe a yeast infection or something else entirely. Would the cipro have taken care of a yeast infection? ... (1 replies)
... Can a yeast infection resemble a herpes outbreak? ... (4 replies)
... But don't you need some medication if it is a yeast or bacterial infection? ... (8 replies)

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