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Hi, I'm new here. I am 40 something and have had knee, carpal tunnel, & back problems for years. I was dx with chondromalacia patella as a teen & this past Fall '14 had arthroscopy for a torn meniscus. My knee fills with fluid and has to be drained & cortisone shot, probably every 3 months. My ortho Doc says I have more arthritis than someone my age should have. He knew I had arthritis but didn't realize how much until he did my torn meniscus surgery.
Recently, he referred me to Rheumatologist for evaluation and treatment to determine why inflammation and fluid. Lab results show- nucleated cells, synovial fld (H) 1653 cells/uL, range 0-200. She tells me other blood tests are normal & she would like to see me back for an office visit in 3 months, unless I have a problem sooner.
Doc tells me that osteoarthritis numbers are typically around 500 and R.A. arthritis numbers are typically in the 2000 range. She isn't ready to call it R.A. and put me on meds for it, because of side effects.
What do others think of a synovial fluid 1653, high? Are there other tests that can be done in the meantime? Thanks!

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