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Thanks for further information. I must start off by saying sciatica without any back pain was the beginning of my entire set of pain issues that started 8 years ago. It started within the hip/groin area and eventually wrapped around the front of the hip and then to the lateral side and then advanced down to my knee, calf, and foot. I saw many doctors and had multiple tests but they could never identify a cause or point of origin. I was in severe pain and taking pain meds but basically it was at that point that I first had a major downshift in activity to avoid the high pain levels. The only way I could sleep was to place 2 pillows between my thighs. I slept that way for 3 years and had many tests and just gave up and did the bare minimum to get through the day. I used pain meds to do my shopping or mow the lawn. Eventually I reached a point where I could sleep with just 1 pillow between my legs, but always the same sleep position. Couldn't sleep on the bad side, couldn't sleep on my back, or my stomach. So I know sciatic pain in and out.

I wanted to reply by giving you 3-4 basic movements/exercises that turned things around and gave me hope; but I hesitate because I am not sure what restrictions might be in place with the implant. I have read a little about it because a couple of times an implant was mentioned as a possible treatment if other things did not work. I am not sure of the location or the depth of the implant and whether or not care has to be taken to not put pressure near the area, etc. Also you mentioned a herniated disc and I wondered if there was any surgery for that such as a laminectomy or spinal fusion.

Since I am just a self help seeking patient myself I don't want to recommend things that would aggravate any past surgical interventions.

I recently read a book that I wish I found years ago (but I probably would have scoffed at it then): "End Back Pain Forever: A Groundbreaking Approach to Eliminate Your Suffering". By Norman J. Marcus. The entire book is excellent with the view that most back pain and other joint issues are caused by muscle pain and weakness. I never would have opened this book 8 years ago because my initial nerve pain and eventual disability came at a time when I was very active and working out on a regular basis. I felt great in every way but then the nerve thing started and grew into a monster.

Dr. Marcus has a a few chapter of very basic exercises/movements to break up the muscle pain and joint pain and gently build strength while also learning the necessity of slow and easy retraining to get things back in balance. I have added his exercises to my collection.

I want to give your wife hope but also want to share what I have learned the hard way. When the pain is bad and you shut down and give up and become a recluse of sorts (I did, except for going to work), then you will keep sliding down (as I did). Chronic pain is so very depressing. I worked on pain management and meditation. I have books and CD to help with this. I read all the John Kabat Zinn books out there and I down loaded his pain management/meditation sets. But…in the end I could not let go of the fact that the docs were missing something very important and they weren't treating the whole person with a pain issue that was causing multiple new issue to crop up. When it came down to it I didn't want to live the rest of my life with pain management (not that some of it isn't helpful) where I felt like my life had stalled. I wanted to reduce my pain and get my life back. I grew increasingly depressed and gained weight which compound all the issues. Being depressed is a dead end road and it made me very angry. That is when I went full blast with hours of research and watching videos and reading and trying new techniques to restore function. And yes it was painful at first but range of motion started to improve which then helped me move more and it was a self generating return from the half dead state I was in.

Since I started with the Sarah Keye back appeasement exercises (although modified very much at first), and then little by little adding more stretches and exercises, my nerve pain receded from my foot, them my calf, then my knee, then my thigh and just recently it has started to recede from the upper thigh and hip area. Tonight I went to my son's high school open house and walked all the way through the parking lot and took the long walk up the outdoor walkway(slightly inclined), and stood and walked from table to table and teacher to teacher and various sections of the high school to visit with people - all without a twinge of nerve pain and without the stenosis going full blown and causing me to lean forward when I walk. My hip still doesn't have the greatest range of motion but I am not walking like a broken person anymore and the hip didn't hurt much tonight. When I returned to my car I said to myself YES!!! It can be done! Granted it is a slow process with setbacks along the way and much trial and error and good days and bad days that made me question what I was doing. I am glad I have persisted.

Thanks for letting me share - I want you to have hope and know that it can be done if you have support and are willing to try things that you never thought would help with your particular problems and painful areas.

Bummer (Name seem inappropriate somehow :-)

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