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Hi, I have the post right next to your's where I talked about upper medial thigh pain. You asked me on my post if I had gotten an answer... Clearly the Iliopsoas (combination of the psoas and Iliac (sp?) muscle where they come together or more likely its tendon could be your problem. Also, right under that muscle and just above the hip joint capsule is the Iliospsoas bursa and that, too, could be inflamed. Some texts even consider Iliospsoas tendonitis and bursits to be the same disease because if you get one you usually get the other as the inflamed one rubs on the other, inflaming it as well.

I'm 63 and hurt myself playing basketball over a year ago. I played basketball for 50 years (imagine) and had never hurt a hip or knee. Everything else but not those joints. But on this day, the moment I started moving laterally, abducting and adducting my right leg, I felt horrible pain somewhere in my hip. It got better and worse for many months. I finally went to an orthopedic doc. He first suspected Avscular Necrosis (bone death) on the end of the femur but a subsequent MRI showed that not to be the case. Instead, he says I just have a "bad spot" in the joint where I'm getting Arthritis. I'm going in again in a little over a week to try a cortisone injection in the joint. But no, I still don't have an answer as to why I feel ZERO pain in the area of my groin where my own hip X-ray showed the entire joint to sit. But instead have this nasty, catching pain at times when I move the wrong way in a very specific spot on my upper thigh. If you go about one inch below the crotch line on the very front (anterior) of my hip and then head maybe two to three inches medially, meaning start at the very front of the hip and then go toward the inside of the hip about two inches, and again one inch below the crotch line. There's the spot. If I lie flat, then bring this injured right let up where I place my right foot along side my left knew, abduct the right knee out to the right and then slowly start adducting that leg back toward the middle, I get some clicking sounds internally and sometimes something catches and hurts bad as you bring that raised right knee back toward the middle. You can feel the pain begin to rise as you bring that leg in toward the middle, then eventually you feel the tiniest little click and then it is released and no longer hurts. That's more abduct, adduct type stuff, the same thing I was doing the day I hurt it... In your case, the psoas is a hip flexor so that has more to do with flexing, bending of your hip, like you do when you walk forward.

You might look up the Thomas test which is an easy to do test to see if you have tight Iliopsoas. Just google "hip Thomas test" and you can watch many videos of it on YouTube. When I do it, I don't see that I have a tight Iliopsoas but I do get something interesting... As I pull my good leg (left leg) up toward my chest with my bad leg lying flat on the floor, extended, as that left knee gets close to my chest, this exact, painful spot in my right thigh lights off and starts to hurt. I intend to bring that up with the Ortho doc next week and see if he has any insights.

Also, if you get any clicking or snapping like I do (never had a click in my hip before the day I hurt this right one but have had this catching snap or click in it every since), that can be your Iliopsoas tendon snapping over a bony prominence on the front of your hip. And that can also be an indicator that the tendon is inflamed/swollen and once in that condition, it can snap as it rubs and catches on the front of the hip bones. Look up "snapping hip" and read lots more about that...

So I still don't know why this pain I have is ONLY in my upper thigh and never in my groin. But I continue to be curious. Let me know if you learn more about your situation.


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