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Dear laceygirl,

I am so sorry, I don't get on the compuer often and cannot subscribe to threads (the emails don't come to me) so once in awhile I go back and check if there are replies. I totally missed yours! When I am online I will try to make sure I look for your thread. Yes I definitely care!

If a doctor will do the MRI, yes I agree with having that first. why not make sure there is no tear or damage, or even to learn if it is arthritic calcium build up? Shots don't help any of that. Of course you must make your own decisions. :)

I definitely am against the injections, myself. But that's just me. I don't want anything invasive that is not absolutely necessary.

My husband has severe hip pain and he had read that Motrin is dangerous for kidneys and liver. His kidney doctor recently told him it is fine to take Motrin for joint inflammation, that the old wives tale as he put it, came out after athletes were found to be gulping handfuls of Motrin in order to function, when really they needed treatment. The doctor who is a highly esteemed kidney expert said that 2 Motrin taken every four hours as needed is not toxic and it does not stay in the body. It gets eliminated in four hours.

I was VERY happy to hear this because I live with severe hip pain myself (inflamed because my other leg is shorter and it causes the hip bones to rub against themselves improperly). I can get into a severe inflammation cycle. Now I pop two Motrin and the pain goes away for a long time, days and even weeks...if you have no physical damage that needs surgery you might try Motrin as it relieves the inflammation. Look up Curcumin and black pepper and read about the anti-inflammatory benefits.

I don't even want to go to regular appointments if nearby. It's fine to go and learn how to do what you need for yourself, then do them at home. There are different ways to do the needed stretches. My movement is limited too. One can stand by a wall and put one foot forward, keep the back straight and gently lean forward several times. Change legs and stretch the other. It stretches all the way from heel to neck. Start slow and build up. There are other ways, too.

My son had hip and pain down his leg, had a MRI and they found he needed immediate surgery. So, I agree with not playing around with this! If your doctor will not help you change medical groups until you get what you believe you need. Or, ask your doctor to 'humor' you. If you take the weight off a resistant doctor, it usually gets results...he can say the patient wanted it done.

I only know what I live with, and it's not fun to get limited with pain.
So my heart goes out to you.


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