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Well, this is something new. I'm barely over 50 and I have this knee pain that hurts to walk and put pressure on that leg and when I lift my foot up from walking, its hurts. It almost feels like my knee is locked or has stiffened up (not sure what the difference is there) because the knee doesn't want to bend when I walk. I try and put most of my weight on the other foot because I also get an achiness On top of my thigh on the leg with the knee pain. Is achiness above the knee part of the knee pain? I don't know what I have done to it because the only thing I have done is walk outside or on a treadmill. I know I have had years of not wearing good shoes but I wouldn't think that would be the cause. I wasn't really physically fit so that's why I have only done the walking but I'm not over weight either. The pain is to the left side on the right leg and feels a little tender especially as it gets closer to the knee cap. I can't get into the doctor as a new patient until the first of the year. As I sit here, the top of my leg aches off and on....from the knee pain? What's strange is I get that achiness in the same place on the other thigh off and on but not that much. I do have to stand a lot in my job which REALLY makes my knee hurt and walking gets really difficult. Forgot to does hurt the knee when I straiten out my leg so I have to do that slowly and of course bending it isn't easy either. Sometimes when I try and walk, something will pop now and then.

Thanks to anyone who can give me suggestions of what this might be.

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