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Hi guys, hope you're all doing well.

So I've been having hip pain from around the age of 14(?), I'm currently 21. I used to put it down to "growing pains" but it's only got worse over time. I recently went for a pelvic x-Ray which has come back normal... (My doctor said that the pain is probably being caused by me wearing "heavy dr martens boots"?) she is however referring me to a physiotherapist to get examined.

I just really need some advice with how to cope with the pain in the meantime. I've tried paracetamol and ibuprofen and neither seem to be helping. The pain feels like a pressure all around the ball joint, and the only relief I find is from literally lying on my back, bending my knees and stretching them outwards (like you would if you visited a gynocologist) but with my knees touching the floor and with my feet together. My movement isn't limited, in fact my hips are surprisingly flexible, but sometimes they get "locked" and it's very painful and I have to wiggle around for them to feel normal again. My hips also both make this awful crunching/popping sound when stretched to a certain point.

I wanted to try and perhaps build some muscle to support my joints but I'm scared I will be doing more harm than good. This pain is really getting me down and I'm in permanent discomfort. Does anyone have any advice, or have any idea what may be causing this pain and I could maybe mention during physio? Thank you in advance :)

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