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Hi, I'm a 63 year old maie. In October, 2014, when playing in my, oh maybe, 20,000 th pickup basketball game in my life, now known to me as "one game too many", something went wrong in my right hip region. The injury occurred when I attempted to move side to side to guard another players, something I've done every time in those 20,000 or so games but this time, something wasn't happy about doing that abduct/adduct motion quickly. 18 months later I'm still hurting and considering what next to do.

Long story of where I've been since but I am soon to go back and see my orthopedic surgeon. We've done X-rays and later an MRI. The X-rays made the doctor first suspect Avascular Necrosis and thus the reason he ordered the MRI. The MRI shows significant OA. We've since done one cortisone injection directly into the hip joint with results that are sort of unclear.

Here's my big issue. Of two painful areas I have, one of them that has been with me all of these 18 months has been a very painful and very localized spot (about the size of the end of my thumb) that is down in my thigh about one inch below the crotch area where my thigh is separated from my groin. I've seen where my hip joint sits (in the X-rays) and it is significantly higher, at least two inches higher, than this very hot spot in my thigh. And this spot in my thigh is about halfway between medial and anterior and again, about one inch down into my thigh. This is in the area where hip adductors pass by and I've wondered since day one if perhaps I have some form of chronic adductor tendonitis. I don't know if the doc looked all that hard at the MRI for tendon issues as I think he was focused on how bad the OA might be.

I used to have some catching and snapping in this same, small area but that abated only recently long after I got the cortisone shot. But it is still in that area, very localized and down in my thigh, where I still have a lot of pain.

Is this OA of the hip felt down in the thigh?? I don't think so. This is NOT referred pain but is this where one would feel hip joint OA pain??? I'm confused and not too interested in having my hip replaced only to find that I had a torn or chronically irriated adductor tendon.

Any thoughts??? Any help would be much appreciated... thanks.. bob

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