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Re: Hip bursitis
Nov 14, 2016
[QUOTE=teamoli;5439686]My hip pain was horrible, especially at night. I tried everything on my own before being referred to an orthopedic surgeon. She did the injection that day and by that night I was 90% pain free! By next day I only had some tenderness from the injection. It truly felt like a miracle! About 3 months later I started feeling twinges of pain and it has now progressed to the point that I am now back on this board researching!

I am hoping she can do another injection (its been about 6 months from first). I have heard there are limits to how many we can get?

Cass89-I would love to hear your surgery story. Have you posted it anywhere or are you willing to share it here? Tough recovery? I hear so many conflicting statistics on how well the surgery works and occurrence.
This bursitis is no fun....turns me into such a grouch.[/QUOTE]

I have about a 5 inch scar on the left hip. The bursa was completely removed but per the surgeon it has the ability to regenerate itself. I don't know if mine has or not, but I think with some of the pain I've been having I think it might have. Mind you this pain is nothing near what it used to be and it's not constant, just every so often. Even when we were discussing the surgery, he told me he couldn't get me back to 100%. I would say after I healed I was at 100%. Probably took six months to get to that point.

I think I spent one night in the hospital after surgery and then went home in this god awful brace that I had to wear for 6 weeks. I can't even describe it, other than it was hideous. And I was given crutches to use as well. I think I ditched the crutches after a week. That recovery was nothing compared to having PTTD repair, not even close.

I wish there was more I could say. It's not a bad surgery compared to the one I had last year on my ankle.

Find a good surgeon and discuss your options, but just know you don't have to live with the pain. Keep me posted!

P.S. I had two injections and they only worked temporarily.

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