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I'm 13 weeks pot op and have to say my recovery has gone quite well. I'm on track as per my surgeon. I do have LLD on my surgery leg. (a bit longer by 8mm) It feels like it's getting better or am I just getting used to it?? I do wear a lift in my left shoe which allows me talk walk more normal.
The frustration I'm feeling right now is I'm still having problems walking stairs unassisted. I still have to grab on the railing to help me up and I can feel the stiffness and soreness in my hip when doing so. What is the timeline for walking upstairs unassisted with no pain??
I'm planning to go back to the gym to spinning class next week. I also want to get back to Bikram's yoga but I'll have to modify many postures at this point. I am doing some upper body stuff at home with 10 lb weights so at least my ams can look good! I went back to work after 2 months, as i have a desk job but I don't enjoy sitting for long periods as I feel like a gimp when I get up. How's everyone else doing out there at 13 weeks post op??[/QUOTE]

Hi Eskay3:
I have no idea of what "spinning" class is but it sounds like something that would be hard on hips - not to mention a newly replaced one! And I also don't know much about what goes on in yoga but imagine that some poses would be hard on the hips, replaced or not. (You can see I am not much of an exercise enthusiast! Walking was my preferred exercise.)

It sounds to me like you are doing very well in your recovery and I think that you should not rush things. You only get one chance at early recovery and you don't want to jeopardise a good recovery by trying to go too fast.

I wouldn't worry about the stairs - that will come in due time and in the meantime why not avoid stairs as much as possible to give your new hip a chance to get firmly established? I agree with your surgeon that you are right on track and doing extremely well in your rehab.

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