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[QUOTE=only1missyf;5429508]Hi, I am 32 years old. I was, until May fit, healthy and active. I was doing a lot of squats and leg work in prep for summer and gradually I noticed my knee was aching after exercise. Some days I was fine and other days I could not walk. In June I went out for a nice meal/drinks, wearing high heels and ever since I have suffered serious pain in the medial part of my knee and up the inside of my quads. My MRI was normal, Dr's thought I had a meniscus injury as many symptoms I feel were similar- but I don't. I cannot bear weight on my leg properly, I use crutches to slowly move around and when resting I ache or have electric shock type pains around my knee/thigh area. I am waiting to see an orthopedic Dr but I am really worried I have arthritis and I will be dtuck this immobile. My other knee is starting to present similar pain. I cannot even work and I stressed so much. Has anyone experienced similar problems? Thank you in advance.[/QUOTE]
You got MRI showing no knee damage and you have pain in the knee. Arthritis would have showed up in the MRI.
You were doing a lot of squats and leg work. I had knee pain, but no cartilage/meniscus damage, which I thought was a possible problem, from playing ice hockey and weight lifting.
Have you tried using a foam roller on your IT Band, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles? that helped a lot in bringing down the pain in one knee and removing the pain altogether in the other knee.
Also, the doctor said the fat pad behind the patellar tendon was inflammed in the one knee that still had pain, and he injected an anti-imflammatory which helped in addition to physical therapy which involved retraining muscles and using a foam roller.

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