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Anyone else have this happen? A few weeks ago, while I was traveling by plane my knee gave out when I got up from my seat. I stood up, side-stepped to the left and upon my left leg hitting the ground it buckled, felt my calf cracking, and I fell into the seat. Got up about 30 seconds later and limped to the restroom. Same thing happened on the next flight. This time it felt worse, lots of popping and cracking, ankle twisted too. I felt a huge rush of heat throughout my body, into my leg, then coldness in my lower leg for a few minutes. Limped the next few days, felt like it was getting better, then was getting into drivers seat, put my right leg in, pushed off on left and it buckled and cracked and I fell on the ground. X-rays showed nothing, Dr. thinks meniscus tear. This happened one more time a couple days ago when getting into car. I am scheduled for an MRI soon. Now I am careful of how I use my left leg, have to get in car with butt first then swing legs in, and I'm careful about going up or down steps. If you've had this happen to you, what was the cause/diagnosis/treatment, etc.? Thank you.
I had my meniscus cartilage repaired in 1984 after 8 years of off and on pain, knee locking, buckling, popping and cracking. I had x-rays, but nothing showed up until an MRI. I had arthroscopic surgery and was back to normal activity in 6 weeks. Only missed 1 week of work since I had job that I could sit with my leg propped up. I have had no issues until I developed arthritis in that knee (and other places) about 5 years ago. I don't have any of the problems I had prior to surgery. Now it is just arthritis pain.

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