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I have been experiencing quite a bit of hip pain. If someone thinks their symptoms are similar, I would really appreciate any advice or possible diagnosis that I could research.

I am a 30 year old female, a little overweight. I have been experiencing issues with my right hip for a few years now. In the beginning, I would experience soreness after exercising but it would be cleared up in a few hours. I always thought that perhaps that hip was a little weaker than the other.

Over time, this issue has progressed to be worse over time. Currently, I have constant pain in the hip which feels like a deep ache or soreness. The pain is usually localized in the front or inner side of the hip joint, but I am not able to feel it with my fingers. The pain is constant regardless of sitting, standing, walking, or laying down; although the intensity increases and decreases (i.e. some days are worse than others). Exercise (even going for a long walk)will increase the intensity of the pain for days at a time. Typically when exercising I feel a clicking sensation as the hip goes from flexion to extension. The click in the moment is mildly uncomfortable, but if I keep exercising it will make the hip extremely painful for several days after. Sometimes, there will be pain radiating down the front or outer side of the thigh, but I can press with my fingers and feel tender spots in those locations.

Ice and Advil do not seem to help. Aleve does seem to help reduce the pain a little bit, but not eliminate it. I have been through 10 weeks of physical therapy which helped for a small amount of time. Then I plateaued and the pain returned. My physical therapist referred me to an orthopedic doctor. X rays were normal, but a steroid injection into the joint was recommended. I am a week out from the injection and there is no improvement.

I am currently looking into other specialists in the area as I did not like the orthopedic doctor I saw. He spent perhaps a minute with me bending my hip up and down before recommending the injection and sending in his assistant. No one explained what the injection was, what it was supposed to do, how my x rays looked, what were the possible causes of my hip pain, what the next steps would be. I had to ask all these questions, and the feeling I got was I was taking up too much time. They were busy and had other patients to see. I was given the injection and told to make a follow up appointment in three months. Hopefully, I can find a better doctor but in the mean time, if anyone has had very similar symptoms and/or successful treatments I could explore, I would really appreciate it!


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