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[QUOTE=TallOak;5497583]Hello everyone:

I am facing a total knee replacement fairly soon.
To those out there who have gone through it already....

!. What questions should I ask my doctor before surgery?

2. How long is recovery really? How long to it take to get back to fairly normal activity?

3. Were you left with any permanent limitations afterwards?

4. Do you considerate it a success (worth it)?


1. Is the surgery going to be traditional or robot-assisted (Makoplasty). Makoplasty produces less swelling and is often much more precise.

2. Recovery depends somewhat on the surgeon and somewhat on the patient. The more dedicated you are to doing the PT both before and after the surgery, the faster and more completely you will recover. If you don't do the PT, or you do it half-heartedly, you won't have as good a recovery.

Having said that, I was able to walk around in the house with just a cane within 8 days. Still had to use the cane outside for about 4 weeks, but could have done without it within 3 weeks. Once I saw the doc for the 4 week appointment, I was cleared to stop using the cane.

3. I developed scar tissue behind the right knee, and had to have arthroscopic surgery to remove it, as it was causing severe spasming every time I went from a seated to a standing position. Interestingly, it only started happening about 12 weeks after the surgery. I still have a bit of...I wouldn't call it spasms, exactly, but maybe pulling, tightness?...when I use the right leg first going upstairs, so I don't trust it as much as I trust the left leg.

4. was definitely a success and it was definitely worth it. I had both knees done, and now I can walk without hobbling. I was at the point where walking from my house to the garage was problematic, and I would have had to stop driving soon because the right knee was so bad. I no longer have any pain at all in the knees, and I can walk forever (until my back starts hurting...but that's another story!) I sleep better,, function better, and I wish I'd had it done sooner.

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