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Re: Pain
Aug 14, 2020
[QUOTE=Titchou;5504795]But what is the dx? Have you tried RX meds like Diclofenac or Celebrex? Are you a candidate for surgery?[/QUOTE]

Dx. Is acetabular labral tear, with a slight pincer impingement (femoroacetabular impingement)
Back in november the dr said i was a good surgical canidate due to no degenerative changes in the hip. Physical therapy failed.
Activity modification basically has me doing next to no activities.. (Boring for an active hiker that enjoys the outdoors)
They tried a steroid shot in the hip. It helped with pain for about 2 weeks. (Which dr said if it didnt help my next step would be surgery to shave the pincer impingement and re anchor the labrum)
Returned to dr in january and they said to go back to therapy. Put the surgical procedure down as an elective. My insurance wont pay anything for an elective surgery. Was scheduled to return to dr for a recheck at the end of march but covid canceled that appt. So other than more therapy.. I really have no options. 12 therapy sessions didnt help the first time (5 with one therapist, 2 with another and 5 with the head therapist in that place) and had more pain than i did when i was first dx. I am not willing to try that again. I dont need more bills and more pain.

I have nabumetone. But the script is out and i cannot refill. But its an nsaid and like ibuprofen causes the medication overuse migraine. i also basically had to beg the dr for a script. They dont offer pain relief even for those that limp in and are in obvious pain that is not controlled with otc meds
When they did the shot they used a local anesthetic and that was the best thing ever!!! It numbed that hip joint so good i was able to walk normal, and the shot helped for 2 weeks but when the pain returned it returned with a vengeance. Last night i had a sudden sharp stabbing pain worse than ever. It took my breath away and left me in tears. It only lasted a minute, but it was a minute of pure hell (that was a minute of a solid 9 on the pain scale) and left me with a 6 on meds for the rest of the night. I even took a sleep aid so i could get sleep.
I dont think i am a wuss to pain either, i gave birth to my first with the epidural only numbing half my body.. The second childbirth i was 8 cm before they came in to give the epidural. (Unmedicated contractions for hour and half. ) i have also had 2 wisdom teeth pulled both resulting in a dry socket ( different years)
I am so fed up with the jokes here that call themselves drs. I am fed up with insurance companies getting to say they wont pay after i have given them thousands of dollars. I want to cut my hip off or sever my spine so i no longer have to deal with pain 24-7.

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