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I've experienced sharp and throbbing pains on the front of my hip, right side only. it's been going on for almost 6 months. the sharp pain comes and goes usually if I'm sitting up straight or sitting in the car.

a few times when urinating I felt a sharp pain in that area and as my bladder strained but It's only happened a few times. It's hard to wear pants or shorts, and they fit well but I feel constricted and it hurts more while sitting, I've been wearing pajama pants and sweatpants almost everywhere i go just to feel comfortable.

I have also experienced frequent urination since it began and can no longer drink alcohol, it caused more pain in the area and severely frequent urinating every few minutes. I quit drinking but It seems now I normally I urinate small amounts or my bladder strains or feels tickled and nothing comes out, I cannot sleep on the right side and I get up during the night 7-12 times to urinate.

the throbbing usually happens while lying in the bed or when I'm relaxed with no pressure on that side. Ii feels like there's something solid there I can describe it as having a rock or bullet stuck in my hip.. i cannot lean over or bend while sitting to pick something up or to put on shoes, it will cause sharp pain immediately. Any amount of pressure on the spot or my hip bone is excruciating. the spot aches constantly during the day along with my hip and the right side of my lower back. my left side though feels normal no pain whatsoever..

sexual intercourse is impossible, there's pain on the right side in my vagina like something is swollen on that whole side.

I've had x-rays and urine samples , a vaginal ultrasound , and the gynecologist even felt for inflamed muscle or cyst but found nothing. the pelvic exam and vaginal ultrasound was extremely painful. Overall the pain stays in my lower back, side of hip, and the front of my hip. there's no knee or leg pain associated with it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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