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Wow... so many posts now that I have to take notes so that I remember all I want to say when I get to the reply phase.

Welcome Gram... I had numbness in my leg for quite a while after the surgery. It is 5 1/2 months now and I can't remember when it went away. It felt like there was a band around the ankle. It didn't really effect my movement it was just terribly annoying. They told me that it was a nerve that was 'stretched' too and apparently it got better (just took longer than I expected). I think it was about 3 months before it was back to normal but other people told me that it was not unusual to be up to a year (sigh!).

I had a cementless with metal and plastic. Evidently the cup was not positioning well and he put in two screws to help that. Because it was so stable, I could do full weight bearing whenever I felt up to it (within the first week). I also had blood pressure drops (but mine tends to be low anyway and laying in bed most the day did not get it going very high).

The incision on me is still numb (but better than before). I'm not sure how long that will take. :confused:

I lost weight for the first two months. Someone told me that it was because of the pain meds (they made you not as interested in eating). However, now that I am OK I have gained weight because I can't do as much as I was before... so, Ripanco, be careful afterwards because if you eat what do now you will not be able to work it off for quite a while.

My 'bursitis' is getting better but now my back goes into a 'spasm' every time I try a sit-up. I really think I may have a leg too long like MrsLinda and legtoolong... I think the back issue is due to the length of the leg. It costs $40 in co-pay every time I go to the Dr (specialist). I just went for the bursitis issue and I have another appointment in July so I don't want to go until then. I thought about going to my regular doctor to talk to him about getting in therapy for my back... what do you all suggest? In the meantime I am doing slow controlled easy back exercises and light aerobics. By the way, the Doctor has checked me for length every time I'm in and he doesn't think there are any issues...

I'm sorry to hear about the 'crack' wigs... I hope that your body just fixes it up and you are fine. I think it's normal to be tired for even a 'month' or so. Mine was right after Thanksgiving and I did all sorts of Christmas projects. I would get into them and get quite tired!!! (it's not as easy as you think it should be). Just take the time to be spoiled by your family a little. Soon enough they will be tired of it so get spoiled while you can.

Well, gotta go now. It's sunny and in the 70's in Pittsburgh today and we are going to a picnic. Hope everyone else's Saturday is chipper! :wave:
Afternoon everyone ~ well we're home. The weather in the Pocono Mountains was absolutely georgeous!!! High 70's to low 80's during the day and at night a nice drop to the 50's!!!!! Not a drop of rain until this morning as we were packing up the car!

Ripanco - I think it's so wonderful how you're doing. I was reading your recent post about all the things you can't do and all the things you're gona do and I just sat there saying "you go girl"!!! Great news.

Balleteach - great news from you too!!! I hope my new hip will be kind to me also.

Anne - I'm sorry you're still having a rough go of it. I don't know about the barometric pressure causing the aches but how about humidity??? What has your doctor told you about your aches in the buttocks? I'm curious what mine will say when I see him next month.

Wigs - it was good seeing you on the board even if it was for a quick minute. YOU sound wonderful. Hope things are well with you.

Ken - are you using your cane yet? I didn't have crutches at all. I went from walker to canes within a matter of days. Hope you're doing well.

Well it is good to be home. I still have the ache in the butt area, but not as pronounced. Just occasionally I get that little "twinge". I've been on my Mobic now since Wednesday and will stay on it for 7 days then see. I was really worried. [B]I read somewhere [/B] that when you begin to get pains in the butt area that could mean that the implant has slipped or isn't fitted right and I had all these horrible thoughts......well. It wasn't a pretty sight. I was really achey. Even when I walked I felt a strain in the upper flexor muscles which normally I don't. But todays things seem much better. Maybe it was all the walking on uneven surfaces in my front and back yard. Who knows....but I will address it. It's most likely another form of bursitis. I developed that back in May. :eek: Never thought you could get bursitis in a new joint. :rolleyes: Sometimes I do get discouraged, but I have to keep on going and hoping that eventually all these aches will go away. Hey...enjoy this beautiful weekend and it's good to be home!!!!!! :D :D
[B]Hello gram17 [/B] - I am sorry to hear you're still having a rough go. I read your "bursitis" thread and even answered it. Will all that numbness eventually go away? Does the OS feel it's all related to cut muscles and nerves?

As for the butt pain, I have that occasionally too. I too was offered a "shot" but opted for oral anti-inflamatories, ice and rest. That's about all you can do for bursitis. It comes and goes depending of how much I do. I am 1 year out and I will admitt I just about do everything I did prior to the surgery, with the exception of steps. I was left with weak flexor muscles in the left thigh. That's the muscle that does all the "lifting". I have what begins as slight pulling in the upper most thigh area when going up stairs. If I have more than 20 stairs to go up then the pain increases. Once at the top and I start to walk it goes away. Also getting up off the floor is an effort. I'll begin to push up with the good leg but when I bring that THR leg up and push it hurts in that same area. My OS has xray'd that hip many times since the surgery last August and has repeatedly told me the operation was successful and everything is where it should be. He just can't pin point that pain. I see him again in Oct. and he said if the pain/mobility isn't better he wants me to see a doctor who specializes in muscle disorders. We'll see.... :rolleyes: Other than that I'm just fine! :D I know how you feel; that frustraiton of swapping one pain for another. But you can't give up. Sometimes things just take a very long time to heal. Please stay in touch.......

[B]Keil [/B] - so what did the doctor tell you about your [B]"question" [/B] to us yesterday??? The only reason I didn't answer you was not because it offended me. Rather being a "man" I wasn't quite sure what your limitations were. I could have told you all about it if you were a woman! :D :D :D I hope in all honesty that your visit was a good one and that you're healing nicely.

Hope everyone is doing well. Can you believe the summer is almost over???? Where has this year gone......Oh well. Take care to you all soon.

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