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Thanks friends for all your kind support.

Wigs... this is it! We will all be thinking of you and wish you the very best.

To answer all of you about my last post. I was on the floor for a few hours. It really did not hurt per se and I really don't feel it is muscles at all. I think it may be healing scar tissue that I pulled on. Like someone has said, if they bend too far it feels like a string that is pulled too tight. Not really sore, but a little stiff if I get up. Today is Thursday and I am doing even worse. Now I am having a back pain where I can't get up at all for a bit. I just think that things are getting so much better that I push the limit and then the healing has to start over on some small area all over again. I know that I am walking differently now and that uses different muscles. Part of me is rebelling that I don't want to have any limits and I refuse to believe that I might be limited, so when I start feeling good, I push the limit again and have to start over. Actually, when I was on the floor it was stretching my hamstring and it felt quite good to get that much of a stretch. I switched from indian style to laying on my side and sitting with my legs out wide.

I can put on my socks and shoes and can put the ankle of my THR leg on the knee of the other one (I don't do this because of the 90 degree issue but I just had to try and it was no problem at all). I am trying to just do minimum exercises that don't push the envelope until all the pain goes away but patience is an issue with me.

I also had lost a lot of weight to try to help my hip and since the surgery I have put back on 12 pounds and am feeling like I can't get it back off unless I do all the exercise I did before the surgery.

It's good therapy for me just to vent to all of you about all of this. I think it will be quite individual how far each of us goes with the prosthesis. We should all just be happy about any progress at all (it really is better than the alternative).

Does anyone have any tips on what to do if you do overdo it? I know rest can help but what else helps? A hot bath, ibuprofen, stretching, ice pack, light aerobics, a walk?

I also wonder, does the pain go away completely? Balleteach, do you get the same pain "of the first year healing" anymore? I know there may be stiffness or even more arthritis, but this pain is a bit different. I always feel better after a good stretch (but if it's too much it gets worse 2 days later). C'mon hippees, tell me your secrets :)
Good Day to all my hippie friends. MrsLinda, you are perfectly normal, only a different normal after THR. Your adaptations will become second nature to you as time goes by. I should know after 10yrs!! Finding what works for you just takes time and it sounds like you are doing great. I think your thigh pain might be related to the numbness, maybe pulled tendons, muscles, etc. There also could be scar tissue formed where the scar is that makes it tight. Maybe your Dr can shed some light on the problem. I do lean over and pick up things off the floor. I bend my knees and lean over. Don't do it with staight legs, that could cause everything to stretch too much. I know it can be frustrating and discouraging sometimes, as I mentioned in prior posts, we do just want to be "normal" again. Believe that as years go by everything will be fine and you will adjust and feel better with time. I always made myself remember that there was no choice, with the pain being unbearable, and my quality of life would have just gotten worse. Take care and I'll talk to you all later....balleteach

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