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Morning everyone! Chris you sound great. I'm so glad things are going well for you!! I too am a side sleeper and having to sleep on my back was a killer!! I did exactly what you did; pulled myself on my other side for awhile watching TV as a distraction from the pulling of the stitches.

Ripanco - no teds here either! And no wedge; just a good pillow.

Legs - It sounds as if you had a WONDERFUL trip!! I'm so happy for you.

Balleteach - it's good to see you! How are those grandgirlies??

[B] report[/B]. He doesn't have a clue. That's it. He even consulted with one of his collegues about what's going on and it seems I'm a first. He did the usual exam and everything is fine. I laid on the table on my back. He raised the leg straight up; ok that's good. But immediately as he began to let it down [B]STRAIGHT[/B] I bolted up from the pain in the upper thigh area. That leg has to be bent in order for it to come down. I told him that more than say 20 stairs cause the leg to "pull" and stepping over things is still "tough" but not impossible. He actually said that he was upset because in essence I've swapped one pain for another. I have to agree to some small degree. But I did tell him that I can walk, I can get up without that stabbing pain, I do not have that horrible arthritis pain. So in that aspect I am better. BUT.....being left with some discomfort like I have been, really has made me re-think what I'm going to do for the other hip. Since he can't tell me what happened, and he doesn't know why this has happened, I cannot afford to have two legs like this.

So we took xrays and he said I was "text book" material. Every THR should be like mine. He showed me how even everything is and we even saw new bone growth around the "big ball". The other doctor came over to see and was also perplexed cause the films looked "excellent" in her words. I was uncemmented. I finally found out. And he also said I could do all the CURVES exercises.

Oh and the butt pain is not the hip. It's either a touch of bursitis or sicatia (?) or the back. But he said if it continues to bother me he'd give me an injection and I just looked at him and smiled. He know's I HATE needles!!!

So hippy friends that's it. I see him in 1 year unless something happens; which I'm sure won't.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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