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HI hippie friends.....I took Bextra for about 5 wks last summer and it didn't work for me. When I had taken Celebrex earlier, it always worked, but in more recent times there was nothing that helped me. Now after surgery I sometimes take Aleve. I guess it helps a little.

I am going to the dr on Wed., I have to think of questions for him...always remember what I want to say when I get home. I even make a list and still forget..haha...Well, Mrs. Linda we are the same age...I am also 55...but will be 56 in May...(boohoo)

I am happy...feel like I am getting a real workout at the gym. Of course, not doing nearly what I did before, but I am getting there...and with no pain. Before the surgery I would go to the gym...there were 2 big flights of steps to get to room with elliptical, etc...I would stand there and want to cry...I froze my membership starting a month before the surgery...just couldn't do the steps without extreme pain.

OK...hope you hear from all you hippies soon.
Mrs. Linda, Ripanco, Ken and balleteach;

Thanks for your rapid responses and your information.

This afternoon, I let my supervisor know that the two weeks was an ambitious return time and that I may need some additional time. He said that it was my hip be replaced and not my mind so they would hunt me down at the house if they needed me. I think this was his way of implying that I could work at home if it took more than a couple of weeks. Iíve worked from home periodically (to meet deadlines in the past) so this is easily doable. Ripanco also suggested this and I spent a few hours today making sure I could access all the necessary work resources via my laptop (in bed) so Iím good on the connectivity aspect. Not sure how good my concentration will be if I'm in more pain than I'm in now (at least it'll be temporary). But like most of the posters on the board, I've been through as much medicine as I ever want to take (vicodins, lorcet, ultracet, vioxx, bextra, celebrex, mobic). Between the pain and narcotics I felt my work was getting a little sloppy and much too inefficient so that's why I decided to cease putting off the surgery.

Ballateach. I'm going directly home, I'm married and my folks live only a few miles away so I have an excellent social support system. Frankly, my main worry at this point is getting hepatitis or hiv from the blood transfussion. I inquired about banking at my preop appointment last week but they said two weeks was cutting it too close to bank blood. Is a blood transfusion always a given for hip replacements?

I Need to set up a few more things prior to surgery (rails, toilet, etc.) so Iíve gotta go.

Iíll let yíall know how things go/went.

Take care and god bless.


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