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Hi Hippies! And welcome, FadedSun! Nice to have another 'victim' younger than I am (I'm 37), and I'm so sorry you're having such pain. I feel for you!!! I think most everyone here will agree that if you're in terrible pain, DON'T PUT IT OFF! Find great surgeons in your area and meet with several if you can, then make your decision ASAP and set a date for your THR. If your left hip is fine right now, you may be able to get away with just doing your right one first.

But the most important advice I can lend is to look into getting a CORTISONE SHOT! I had one three weeks ago and it will probably hold me over for 4 months until my November surgery. Cortisone is truly a wonder drug, at least it was for me and several other people here who've had to buy some time. And the injection doesn't even hurt because they make a 'cocktail' of cortisone along with fast-acting lydecaine (I think that's what it was), which deadens the injection site as the needle goes in. Brilliant. A month ago I could barely walk at all without horrible pain (left hip), my left leg was hanging about 1/2" lower than my right and I had an awful limp. Now I'm (temporarily) pain free and have no noticable limp!

So my big news is, I have finally chosen a surgeon (after meeting 4 of them) and the type of parts I'll use: metal on METAL! Surprise, surprise. It turns out all three options (metal/metal, metal/plastic & ceramic/ceramic) have their own drawbacks, but for me I chose metal on metal because of my age and it's longevity/durability, as well as the ability to implant a larger head for greater movement. The drawback is that it increases metal ions in the blood (especially for the first two years, then tapers off a bit), but in over 20 years of use no studies or cases have shown any connection to risks of cancer or any other diseases. And I discovered that almost all of the doctors I asked "What parts would you use on yourself?" chose metal on metal. (I just couldn't get past the fact that the ceramics have a TINY chance of breaking, which would be a disaster! It's only a 1 in 25,000 chance... but I'd always worry about falling while skiing, etc.)

So that's my story... hip replacement scheduled for the first week of November!
Hope everyone is doing well... Greg

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