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Howdy hippies!

MrsLinda - how was that walk? I'll bet you did fine. Sorry about mixing up all the people here (I started the rumor about wigs having both hips... wrong - and about your leg feeling too long... that was Silver). I'm getting all these people mixed up :confused:

I do lying leg lifts and squats with a band for more resistance. Another one I like is to take the band as you are lying on the floor with your leg perpendicular (up in the air). Pull the band slightly as you slowly roll your leg in a circle first one way and then the other. I also do this without a band. It feels great when I am done.

I am trying to do the one that both of you mentioned but I'm confused. Tell me if this is right... you lay on your stomach with the band around the bottom of your foot and your hips and knees against the floor and then you pull on the band? This doesn't seem to do very much...

I also particularly need this one... lay on your stomach and keeping the leg straight try to lift it up. I cannot lift my THR hip very much at all and it stretches the front of my groin area which seems quite tight. This is also good in a standing position. Another good stretch is to grasp your THR leg with your hand (behind you) while you are standing and stretch it backwards. This makes the pain go right away (at least for a few minutes).

Ripanco - best of luck tomorrow... we will all be thinking of you!

Wigs - I had the 'cold foot' syndrome. It went away eventually. I thought it was from the 'numbness' I had too and luckily it just passed. Patience! (you'll learn to be tired of that advice...). Do you have to sleep with your knees under a pillow to prevent having them straight?

Another question for all of you. I am just noticing that it still hurts (not as much as before, tho') to sleep on the THR side. I'll be 6 months out next week. Anyone else?

Talk to you'all later! ;)

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