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At first I noticed that when it was bitter cold that it got worse. Then the next bitter cold day it was OK. I think that some days are just worse than others (no particular trend with the weather). I think the deep muscles near the new joint just get tired and then they get sore and it aches. Although, I think I don't have arthritis in any other joint (so far, at least... it's just a matter of time I think). Before the operation I was quite sore on rainy days. What do the rest of you think?
Afternoon everyone! Boy our thread is getting busy! I love it! [B]Welcome legtoolong!![/B]

[B]Ripanco[/B] - I had general anethsia I elected to have this. I didn't want to know anything nor did I want to hear anything!!
DH purchased this toilet seat seat that fitted over the regular seat. It was ok. For the next hip I'm going to use the comode. It slips right over the entire toilet. And I'm more comfortable on it.
As for the stairs....I was doing stairs as soon as I got into the rehab facility. But not like we do normally. You bring up the good leg and stop. Then bring up the operated leg. So at this point they are both on the same step. You'll be fine. But good move on setting up the bed in the livingroom. My problem now is more of an inconvienence. I can do stairs, but the more I do the harder they are and I begin to get this "pulling" in the groin area. I'll get to the bottom of it soon. :)
Hip was recommended and used in the rehab facility. You can not sit with the knees higher than that hip and this chair is perfect. You kinda just "back into it" without any bending. We rented it. You can rent them from most surgical supply houses. And you need to sit in a chair with arms.
I was sent home from rehab with cushions and also every gadget to make my life easier; long handled shoe horn, leg lifter, (which was the only way for awhile I could get in and out of bed alone) grabber, dressing stick....oh and this great gadget for putting on socks. I came home with such a care package and some of the things I use still today!!
Since you're having the surgery when the weather is warm, if you're going to rehab bring shorts and light weight tee shirts. Sneakers are fine if you like them, because your Occupational Therepy person will probably give you elastic laces. I loved them.
If you're not going to rehab, ask at the PT at the hospital if the "hip package" is available. That contains all the above mentioned gadgets. And then if you're home, you can wear whatever you feel good in.
As for the problem of your period; sorry. Mine stopped exactly 1 year ago so I didn't have that worry.
I came home with 2 canes and within 1 week after being sent home I was down to 1. I have no limp and both of the legs seem to be even.

[B]hip2it[/B] - I too thought I wanted to come home after the surgery. I'm so glad I didn't. I had PT 2x's a day and OT 2x's a day. And since I had that fainting episode in the hospital, I ever got out of bed until the day they were transfering me out!!!

[B]silver[/B] - you had an epi?? God Bless you!!! I was such a baby and insisted I'd be out cold!!! Hey...our Yankees aren't doing so good!!!!!

Well I have to go. Nice to see this thread growing so. Please keep the questions coming. There's enough of us to answer them!!! Have a great day everyone and again [B]welcome to our new "hippie friends".[/B]
Hi hippie hipsters. The board has been a bit quiet lately. Maybe everyone is getting ready for a fun in the sun summer. I have been doing alot of swimming with my daughter and grandgirlies. I love to swim and the exercise is great. I'm definitely a true California girl. Our weather is wonderful, after an unusually wet and cold winter for Ca. I'm feeling like a million bucks at this point in time. I'd love to hear what you are all doing this summer. Any exciting trips planned? Hope everyone is doing well and continuing to improve. Talk to you all later...balleteach
Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow hippie hipsters. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday and remembering our fallen soldiers, past and present. Ripanco, your news is amazing to me. I always thought the Dr determined the size of the implant during the surgery. They are supposed to get it right, after all that is their job. You were so prepared and a super patient that I find it hard to understand how they could make that mistake. I ended up with the second smallest size implant available. This was a mistake that really should not have happened and you have every right to be PI----OFF big time. I would ask for a detailed explanation about what went wrong and why. After all, you don't want them to give you the wrong size again!! I think the only thing you can do is try to keep as positive an attitude as you can. What a bummer for you, but at least you came through the THR with flying colors and you will again. Please keep us updated. I'm very curious to know what went wrong.
Silver, I also suffer from more aches and pains during the cold, damp weather. We had an unusually long, wet winter and I really felt it. Now that the weather is warm, I feel so much better, both physically and mentally.
Welcome to the board, Brian. I went back to teaching ballet at 11 weeks. I was still recuperating and just kept improving as more time passed. I put off my THR for a few years because I was scared about what would happen. Being a dancer, teacher and very active, it was hard for me to commit to the surgery. I learned that the pain only gets worse and that THR was my only chance at relief. I never would have been able to continue all my activities without the surgery. You have to have the patience to let the body heal, which it will with time. Read some of our past posts and you will get to know our histories and glean so much info about the THR and recuperation. That's it for now. Talk to you all later..balleteach
MrsLinda, thanks for the words of encouragement! NY is cold and its only 12/14! Hate to think about Jan & Feb weather.... My newest thing now is in this very cold & windy weather my THR gets cold :) I can live with that.
Greg, you are leaps and bounds above us all, I can't believe your great recovery!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all
And heres to a new year without hip pain!!!!
Hi everyone, I posted about a month ago about having AVN in my right hip from having to take steroids for so long. I had my THR surgery on 12/2 and came home on 12/6. I thunk i'm doing pretty good so far! On 12/13 I used a cane for the first time and made it all the way upstairs! Yippee!! I can now sleep in my own bed. Last night I slept on my side for the first time and Think it's gonna work out ok. Even with all the cold nasty weather today, we live about 25 miles west of Cleveland, I took my first trip in the car. MY leg is kinda sore tonite, but, it sure made me feel so much more normal just to be able to get out for a little while. I want to thank everyone here so much. Just reading all your posts helped take away some of the fear and let me know what i was in for. Thanks again :)
Good Morning Hippy Friends! Boy has our board grown; not to mention this thread!!

Welcome to all our newly found friends and a big hi to our "older" friends. I've been really busy with the job and when I get home there's just not enough time in the evening to do everything I want.

Things are good. I'm the same. Still have my issues with stepping up and over, but I've learned to live with it and adjust. I do find that when the weather is cold I'm much more stiff and somewhat achy. But good old Advil helps. I really haven't had to take my Mobic in a very long time. The other hip is holding it's own; every now and then I get that "twinge" but nothing to fret about now.

I'm looking into joining a good gym. Here in New York we have Equinox (it could be nationwide; I don't know) and I hear that they have excellent trainers with knowledge of joint replacement clients. So we'll see...

Well I need to run. Hugs to all of my buddies and I'll try to keep more in touch!!!

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