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Hi Everyone,

My second surgery was a piece of cake, no swelling this time and it only took them 40 min. Wish I could say the hospital stay was as good, but for some reason this time it was lousy. Different "pod" different staff. But I only stayed overnite thank goodness.

I am still recovering wonderfully. So Wigs, how does your leg feel now?? How strange we both had nasty little complications! How much longer are you non weight bearing?

I don't think my second surgery is going to make much of a difference in the time frame of recovery, maybe a day or two. I am already walking easily with no aids. But I am very careful of the hip restrictions. The staples on the right hip came out on Thursday. I was so excited to be able to lay on my side at night, but I found that I was not really comfortable for more than a few min. Even with a pillow between my legs it felt like I was pushing the left hip too hard. So it may take a few more days.

Pirouette, don't be afraid of surgery cause of the fluke goof up in my surgery. Even with having the second surgery, it was well worth it!

Gotta run for now, take care everyone!

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