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Went out in the car today for first time since returning from hospital! Much easier than i thought it would be as i have this great spinning thing - a bit like a lazy susan (do people know what they are over there?). Anyway it worked well.
I also got a wheel chair today to make it easier for me to get around in the next few weeks - i didn't mention before but i have been told no weight bearing on the new hip for 3-8 weeks as they cracked it when they put iit in. :eek:
Anyway am doing lots of exercises - does everyone else still do them or is it just until your up and walking again?
Oh - last thing - i only had one hip done - people keep saying how did i manage two? That was somebody else - Ripanco are you having two done?
Not long for you now!!
Keep smiling, speak soon xx :wave:
Hello Wigs,
Sorry to hear they cracked your ?bone? when putting in the prosthesis. I had to be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks because mine was press-fit instead of cemented. It does get wearisome walking on your hands (using a walker). They didn't want me to use a wheel chair--yours is different with a cracked bone though.

I'm still doing exercises more than 4 months after surgery. It does continue to strengthen the muscles and insure a proper gait. My mother-in-law had one of those lazy susan things but it wasn't around when I had my surgery. Whatever works is great!
Wow Wigs, they cracked what?? Your femor??? Do you have small or thin bones? Or did they missize your implant? GEEEZ! I am so sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you are doing just great anyhow! So how is sleeping on your back doing? Do you have to use the wedge thing?

I have not seen or heard about the lazy susan thing, sounds like a good idea however. I will have to do a little research so see if we do have anything like that available here. Is it something made specifically for getting in cars? leggtoolong, where is your MIL from?

And yup, it is me having the bilateral hip replacement:) Six days, but who's counting. Mine will be non cemented too, legtoolong, but my surgeon has told me I will be weight bearing the next morning! I don't imagine too much weight, but still up and out of bed with a few steps.

I have been working extra hard to stay in good physical shape with extra emphasis on my core and upper body to help with recovery. Still trying to do as much as possible for my legs too so they will be strong enough to hold everything in place, but I am pretty much limited on what I can so without lots of pain. Can't run or rollerblade at all:(, but I do mountainbike, swim, eliptical and strength train almost daily. I will do light weights today and maybe an easy mountainbike ride with my visiting son and then rest up till surgery. I plan on doing recovery exercises as long as needed then hope to move back to my regular cross training. I hope by next spring I can try running again. I just hope I am not being overly optomistic about recovering. There is a guy near where we live that had both hips replaced when he was 50 yrs old, that was seven years ago. He has been running marathons regularly and does about 70 miles/week. I don't figure I will get anywhere near that, but it does give me some incentive.

I worry about weight gain too. Because we are so active, I eat a ton of food, over 2200 cal/day without gaining anything. It is all very good, healthy food, but still a large amount. I hope I am not going to want to eat like that when I am so inactive, or I will balloon!! DH, who will be doing most the cooking, is a fantastic cook too. Did most of you find that your appetite decreased any?

Anyhow, hope you all have a great day, talk soon!
Hi all!

Have had a very busy day sleeping and resting and strangely enough i'm so tired i need to go to bed!! :yawn:
My hip is cementless and i think its a press fit one which is why they cracked a bit of the femur. This is very unusual and my surgeon said i had very hard bones (i like to think this is a good thing :) ).
[B]MrsLinda [/B] - i kept feeling faint too!! That was the only bad thing - i felt sick on the first two days after surgery- no pain at all but just couldn't get out of bed! The nurses got me up then had to put me straight back in as my bp dropped - i think i was just being a bit of a weed really! That soon went and i was fine.
As for the getting up straight after surgery - well everyone else was encouraged to walk on the new hip (carefully, some were told partial weight bearing) as soon as they could get up - i think this is the thing to do these days.
[B]Ripanco [/B] - i was really worried about sleeping on my back but actually its not too bad. In hospital they pretty much sit you up to sleep so now at home i sort of half sit up and this seems to work. I also sleep with my knees bent up (i'm sure its ok) as i get fidgety! As for food - i'm worried about putting on weight but i have by no means lost my appetite. I didn't eat in hospital for a few days afterwards but that was because i don't think i coped well with the anaesthetic. Mum bought me marmite and crackers in as that was all i wanted!!
Glad you can get hold of swivel seats over there - its useful for me but you may find you don't need it.
Ok must go as need sleep!! Hope you all have (or had? ) a good day wherever you are! x x
Hi all!!
We have hail stones over here (in may!!!) after all that sunny weather. I get more achey in bad weather - have been having really bad neck ache which i will have to mention to rheumy when i next see him. I don't think they do neck replacements so i will have to put up with it!!!
Am still hopping on one foot with crutches - i'm in no pain though and seem to be able to move more than before op - just hope i'm not bending or twisting too much.
[B]Ripanco -[/B] i'm glad you are sounding positive about your little hicccup! Thats the only thing to do really and like you say you have minimal pain and other than that your recovery seems to be going well. When the surgeon told me he had cracked my bone i got really stressed out then thought that it was fate. These things only happen if we can cope with them - obviously a straigt forward THR (and bi-lateral in your case) was just too easy!!! But seriously keep happy and think positive :)
Ok need to go write some reports for school - then am away for a few days with my parents - in a motorhome no less!! Will see how that goes - especially with the lack of toilet seat and perch!! Only for a couple of days !!!
Hi all you hippies!
Iíve just returned from my 14 day Mediterranean cruise and it was wonderful. Iím just about 10 months since my second THR and was able to keep up with the tour group just fine. I made it up to the top of the Acropolis in Athens and saw the Parthenon with no problem. I was tired, but so were others who didnít have new hips! You were right Silver! We saw all the sites and took in most of the attractions aboard ship. By the 4th day of touring 8-10 hours each day however, we were both so tired we missed the show for extra sleep time.

On Santorini, I tripped on uneven pavement and fell; even though I landed on my right hip no was harm done, I was just bruised. It scared me more than anything, but I was able to put weight on it and walk as usual after getting over the shock. There were 3 nurses in our group and they all were very concerned but said I was fine if I could put weight on it.

There was a magician on board who cracked a joke he thought was funnyÖ He said he was glad to be on this cruise with such a young crowd. Then remarked that on his last cruise ship he was the only one with his own hips! Everyone laughed, but I was very happy not to have my own diseased hips! Every time I went through security at airports and getting back on the ship, I set off the alarm. On the ship I just said ďmetal hipsĒ and they wanded me and let me go.

This trip has been a goal for me to keep getting stronger and I feel wonderful that it all worked out so well. It is good to be back and read all the posts.

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