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hi hippie friends. I went to the dr for my 3 month checkup last week. All went well. I did ask about my right leg feeling a little longer...he said less than l/4 inch but I could get lift if I wanted or could wait. I decided I might as well wait since it is getting into sandal weather anyway. Hopefully it will even up as he says it will. I asked him about crossing my legs at ankle...I thought I could never cross legs again, but he said I can. They tell you that at beginning because of blood clots...that was exciting to me.

Went to Baltimore this weekend to see my Yankees...of course they have been playing terrible.(ahead now 15-3 yippee) Walked lots of miles and had a great time. Really happy when I do things like that...I always remember the pain from before surgery.

Went to the dentist today and had to take 4 amoxicillin an hour earlier....they were shocked to hear about my hip replacement.....
Ken - Thanks, I took all the posts about PT really serious. If the pt said do 10 repetitions three times a day then I would do 20 six times a day. One thing that I noticed was pain that ran straight across the crease in the front of my hip. I've had that pain for 2 years and could not lift my leg holding it straight. I actually would have to take both hands, grab the back of my leg just above the knee and lift my leg into the vehicle and the same for walking up stairs. Well guess what this week (tuesday I think) I was able to lift my leg with only a minor bit of pain. Atrophy is a fact with this sort of stuff is a fact, over the past three years my right leg is shrunk to about 1 inch smaller in diameter than my left and has "spots" where the muscles uncontrollably "twitch" when I've began to use them again.

I've got wonderful news, Its been exactly two weeks since my operation and I had my post op. appointment today. I stopped using the walker on wednesday so when I showed up for the Dr. appointment I only had a cane. My doc was grinning big time and he said "what? no walker?". He said my operation went perfectly and I was weeks ahead of his typical patients. He also said during the surgery when he separated the ball from the socket the ball crumbled and fell apart so he said I was basically walking around for a year on a broken hip. I believe him because it got so bad I could hardly think and got voted the grouchiest man in the office. No more mr. grouchy for me 'cause I'm almost pain-free (just a little soreness remains around the incision). The doc has lifted all restrictions, except for crossing my legs, squatting, and working on heavy equipment (My hobby is tinkering with tractors/trucks/cars). He actually wrote "JiffyLube" under my precautions so I'd remember not to crawl under my car. He also said I could drive and return to work so long as I got up about every hour to stretched and walked around a bit.

I'm going to take all of y'alls advice and remain home for one-additional week.. mainly because I've got a nurse that is supposed to come twice next week to check my protime (coumatin blood thinner stuff) and a physical therapist who's suppossed to check me out on my vehicle and clear me for work.

The doc also said the avn in my left hip has still not progressed from a couple of years ago, so I may have dodged that bullet and hopefully I can keep my left hip intact for many years to come.

Sorry to ramble, but I thought I had terrible luck when I found out 3-yr ago that I had bilateral avn and now that I've had my R thr, I feel like I'm a brand new man.

I hope everyones' pains go away and for lurkers whom have not posted and are gathering info on potential hip replacements don't allow yourselves to suffer when there is such a wonderful alternative to a life of pain.

Best wishes to everyone, god bless you all.

Ken - I took the train at the Staduim this morning. It's quick! Less than 20 minutes and I was in Grand Central Station. That's as far as it goes and for me that's perfect. I'm just a block away. I got in sooooo early; 7AM. But you do what you have to do.

With regards to crossing legs; I never crossed my legs. That just wasn't how I sat. I do however cross them at the ankles sometimes while lying in bed watching TV. But it's usually the un-operated leg over the THR leg.

jimmy - it's not that we have problems crossing our legs; it's something that we're [B]not suppose to do.[/B] At least that's what my OS told me. With regards to the problem of lifting the leg; I do have a slight problem going up stairs and lifting the leg up and over something; like a stair. But that's a problem with the muscles that we're trying to work on. Other than that I'm great. And improvements......I have no pain!!!! I can stand, walk, get up at night to "potty" and immediately walk without that horrible stabbing pain. I can get back into bed without the hip locking in horrible pain. I can step off a curb and not worry that when I step back up I will be in pain. I hope that helps you.

Anne - I totally forget all about the fuss going on over "seasonal greetings" and you know what....I don't care!!! I celebrate Christmas. If I know that someone else does then I wish him/her a Merry Christmas. For years I've always said "Happy Holidays" if I didn't know what a person celebrated. And I will continue to do so!

Well time to get to work here....I do hope this Strike is over soon. I'm very tired...... :yawn:

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