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Afternoon everyone ~ well we're home. The weather in the Pocono Mountains was absolutely georgeous!!! High 70's to low 80's during the day and at night a nice drop to the 50's!!!!! Not a drop of rain until this morning as we were packing up the car!

Ripanco - I think it's so wonderful how you're doing. I was reading your recent post about all the things you can't do and all the things you're gona do and I just sat there saying "you go girl"!!! Great news.

Balleteach - great news from you too!!! I hope my new hip will be kind to me also.

Anne - I'm sorry you're still having a rough go of it. I don't know about the barometric pressure causing the aches but how about humidity??? What has your doctor told you about your aches in the buttocks? I'm curious what mine will say when I see him next month.

Wigs - it was good seeing you on the board even if it was for a quick minute. YOU sound wonderful. Hope things are well with you.

Ken - are you using your cane yet? I didn't have crutches at all. I went from walker to canes within a matter of days. Hope you're doing well.

Well it is good to be home. I still have the ache in the butt area, but not as pronounced. Just occasionally I get that little "twinge". I've been on my Mobic now since Wednesday and will stay on it for 7 days then see. I was really worried. [B]I read somewhere [/B] that when you begin to get pains in the butt area that could mean that the implant has slipped or isn't fitted right and I had all these horrible thoughts......well. It wasn't a pretty sight. I was really achey. Even when I walked I felt a strain in the upper flexor muscles which normally I don't. But todays things seem much better. Maybe it was all the walking on uneven surfaces in my front and back yard. Who knows....but I will address it. It's most likely another form of bursitis. I developed that back in May. :eek: Never thought you could get bursitis in a new joint. :rolleyes: Sometimes I do get discouraged, but I have to keep on going and hoping that eventually all these aches will go away. Hey...enjoy this beautiful weekend and it's good to be home!!!!!! :D :D

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