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OK Silver, it's under Healthboards, then Health Issues, then Hip/Knee Replacement. There are only two threads in the list. I'm going to try to put a favorite there so I can get to it easier too... it's a real pain.

I don't know about Cosamin DS... is it for osteo arthritis? I'm familiar with the glucosamine and others you mentioned... I stopped taking all that stuff after the surgery. I guess I'm lucky that I don't have any other arthritis lurking out there (at least not yet, it's just a matter to time though since my family has it all over the place even though they typically didn't get it as young as I am).

Mrs. Linda - I'm beginning to feel like you about the 'stair' pain. Here is what I noticed myself. At first it was bad all the time and I understood that. Then, I started doing major improvements. I went back to almost full speed with all my crazy activities. At first it was great and I thought I was going to be done with all this. Then, it got worse (really sore and I started limping where I didn't do that before). The doctor told me to go slower, cut back and take smaller steps. (He also validated that there was nothing wrong at all with the placement or length of my legs). So, for the past three weeks I have been doing just walking and one resistance class a week. I now walk extremely slow and careful :yawn: . I worked hard to NOT limp with any steps. To make my steps very short and even. I felt like Tim Conway on the old Carol Burnette show (his 'old man' walk) ;) . I managed very slowly to get rid of the limp and to get rid of the soreness. Some days it feels like nothing is there (but just as long as I stay slow and steady).

I think that I was not walking properly (that's my theory anyway). I had a lot of bone spurs that limited my walking before. I had them for several years and I'm sure that my gait was effected by them. With the new hip I was walking the same old way but without the support of the bone spurs. I had to re-learn how to walk evenly. Now I am walking better but on the resistance bands my strength is worse! I think I have to start over with the muscle therapy and strengthen new muscles.

Now it's not so painful and I can do stairs better but when I speed up the pace or lift my leg higher than a few inches it is sore and feels awkward. I hope this goes away and I learn to walk right. I am wondering if I will always have to go slower with smaller steps? I wonder if I will always have pain when I go quicker or higher. I wonder if the 'screws' he put in are causing the pain (although the doc doesn't think so). It's so hard to know. I go back to my Dr. for a checkup next Tuesday and will see if he has any thoughts.

Describe to me your stair 'pain' and when you 'step over' something. Is it like an unsteady 'gasp' or does it feel like you are not strong enough to put all your weight on your leg? If you stand on the bad leg only and then switch to your good leg, does the bad leg hurt when you let the pressure off the leg? Sometimes it hurts me more when I lift my weight off of it than when I put weight on it...

Anyway, hippees... send me your pain and rehab theories! :)
Well, if really you all don't mind all the questions, I do have a few:). I have read through all of this thread and did glean lots of imput and some of my worries have been addressed at least partially. One thing is really bothering me and I know in my head it is foolish, but the whole thought of it is mortifying to me. It looks like I may have my period just in time for my surgery!!! I know I will have to call my dr's office but I do have a hard time asking about this. I have fibroids so do can not use bc pills so it is not easy or safe to try to stop my period with hormones. I do have some very heavy days early in my cycle which of course is pretty long, like 5-7 days. I have searched for some info on how to deal with this and can't find anything. I did ask on this site on the general questions and got some good info there. Not what I wanted to hear of course..."it is their problem, let them worry about it". That just horrifies me! I wonder why I couldn't use a tampon? One lady got to wear special mesh panities, but I am assuming that will be impossible with double thp. I remember reading sometime ago about a 'menstrual cup'? Anyone ever hear of this? Would this work? Ugh. Any thoughts? And what about shaving? I read one place that said you couldn't shave for 4 days before surgery.

Did most of you have an epidural? How soon after the surgery where you able to use the bathroom? That is one of the criteria to being discharged and I want out of there asap!! I have to stay at least 3 days, but I know I can recover faster at home. Which type of raise toilet seat do you think is best, the free standing one or the one that sits on the regular seat. What about walking aids? I have a walker that I borrowed from my Dad. Are canes easier to get around with? I figure I may want to start with the walker then move on to a cane. Ms Linda, I know you are still having trouble with stairs, so sorry to hear that. I hope I don't have that problem since our home is definatly 3 levels. We are moving our bed into the living room but how long before I can think about stairs? What other aids helped you in day to day living? How about clothing? Anything especially easy? And did you really need special chairs? See, I told you had had a 'few' questions!!

I have a great, sweet hubby who is taking a week off work to stay home with me and my 21 yr old son is graduating college just in time to come home and run my business for the summer. I own and run a boarding/grooming kennel so there is no down time there! I am so glad to hear that lots of you are very active and have been able to return to your activity in a pretty short time. I know I am not good with being patient. DH and son are already planning on having to tie me down, but I really want this surgery to be a complete sucess so I will try really hard to follow orders.

So thanks again, I do appreciate your wisdom and experience. Have a great day everyone!!
Afternoon hippies! :)

[B]Ripanco[/B] - DH and I did alot of research on what exactly would be needed for my home so we purchased the majority of it oursleves. Plus since I didn't have this great group at the time, I relied on a friend here in my building that had the surgery years ago. Later on we found out the insurance co would have paid for everything. But I had the comode, walker and raised toilet seat all waiting for me. I was sent directly to a rehab facility and while I was there the Occupational Therepist gave me the "hip kit" with all the gadgets I'd need; grabber, dressing stick, elastic laces, sock putter on'er, the longest shoe horn I've ever seen and a leg lifter. Then I received my canes from the Physical Therepist. I know that these weren't free :eek: but apparently our insurance paid for everything. Oh and we rented a hip chair so I had a nice high place to sit with arms. Oh and you'll might need a safety rain in your tub/shower area. My home PT insisted I have one as did the OT in the rehab facility. I'm kinda glad they did. I still use it today when I lower myself into my tub.

I had staples and they came out in the rehab hospital 10 days after the surgery; all 50 something of them!!! The nurse was great. While it wasn't the most pleasant sensation, it wasn't the worse either.

There weren't any hip classes required and as for the blood donation, the Dr. said he didn't think it necessary but it was totally up to me. I declined.

As for the visiting nurse; are you coming directly home or going to a rehab facility? Either way a Social Worker in either of the above should help schedule the Visiting Nurse for you.

Ok....dates I want dates.

[B]Wigs[/B] - when is your surgery scheduled?

[B]Ripanco[/B] - when is your surgery scheduled?

I just know you two will be fine. Just remember....we're all here for you.
Afternoon Hippie Friends and Welcome Nancy!

[B]Nancy[/B] - I think we [B]always[/B] have to remember [B]NOT[/B] to bend more than 90 degrees and if I'm wrong someone here will correct me.

[B]Wigs[/B] - I thought you were in the UK. Some of your phrases gave you away! :) On another board I frequent I have a friend in the UK and you can almost "hear" her accent when she types! You mentioned not eating citrus fruits. I thought vitamine C was suppose to be good for us with arthritis. I'll have to do some research now. I'll keep you in my thoughts Friday. Oh and you may want to take a nightgown to the hospital instead of pj's. Easier to get in and out of. Oh and your message didn't sound miserable at all. :)

[B]balleteach[/B] - you made me laugh with "your senior moment". I have lots of those lately and I'm not quite 55 yet! ;)

[B]silver[/B] - now I've never heard of the glu proceedure. I'll definately have to check on that. Where did you do your rehab. I did mine at The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains. Wonderful place.....I can't say enough about it.

My right hip is giving me a fit. It seems that overnight it's suddenly gotten worse. Probably from all the stress it's been taking after the replacement of the left one. But I'm not near ready to do this again. I was hoping for at least a couple of years before having the other done. Oh well.....we'll see.

Well my son and I have the entire house to ourselves tonight. My husband took his dad who's visiting us to Pennsylvania today to see the rest of his sons. Since the weather is so crummy here today I told him to stay overnight at our house there. Sooooo I get the entire Kingsize bed tonight to my self!!!!!! :D :D

Have a great weekend everyone and keep the questions coming!!!!
Good morning my new found hipster friends!

Wigs, I will be thinking of you this week and wishing you the very best of luck. I am a little envious that you are getting this overwith sooner than me, but I will be not far behind you. My surgery is May 23rd, 3 weeks and counting! You will have to get on your computer asap to let us know how you are doing!!

Balleteach, I think I have actually made many of the adaptions you speak of already, to avoid the pain in my hips now! So after should be a piece of cake.

Hi Nancy, I am new here too and full of questions!! This is the most helpful place I have found online.

Silver, I will ask about the glue, seems like the way to go. We have been using glue in animal surgeries for years so off course I should have figured out it could be for people too!! duh!

Linda, I am sorry to hear you had so much pain from the cut muscles and tendons!!! It makes sense that would be really bad. Makes me glad I am able to have the minimal invasive muscles or tendons cut, just pushed aside. That will make them sore enough!

Now I have another guestion! I think we are mostly ladies here, right?? My questions is about sex! Hope I don't offend anyone. I know you are suppose to not have 'sex' for 3 weeks. But what you are suppose to do and actually can do often are different. And there is a difference between 'sex' and 'intercourse'. Dear sweet hubby and I are very active in that department and while I realize it won't be high on my agenda for the first week maybe, I sure can't imagine nothing for 3 weeks!!! So any insight, girls??

I am wondering if anyone here had their surgery at Dartmouth in NH?? We live in Vermont, much closer to Burlington, but are way more willing to travel 1 1/2 hrs to go to Dartmouth, it is that much better than the Burlington or Montpelier hospitals. I can't tell you how much hubby and I like and trust my surgeon. Thank goodness!

Best of luck, Wigs!!
Mornin Hipsters,

Oh Wigs, you must be getting so excited and nervous. I know you are gonna do just fine. Soon that hip pain will be only a memory. Good luck with the surgery and try hard to do what they tell you for recovery. I will be thinking of you and wishing the very best. Come back here as soon as you can to let me know how it was!! Do you have plenty of help for when you get home?

Sweet Hubby and I have our 'hip class' tomorrow. We will be at Dartmouth most of the day since the class is about 3 hrs, then I have blood banked, then I have my pre-admit physical. We get to meet with the surgical nurse, the anethesiologist, the OT and PT. I am looking forward to getting more details, but I feel a little smug from learning lots on here too :D

I did find another forum on a running site of people that have had THP and are running again! Looks like it took most of them a good year before they were able to start again. Most of them have cut back on mileage and are careful about the surface they run on. Sounds great to me, the thought of being able to run again, even a little, gives me lots of hope.

Hip2it, I am so sorry to hear you are hurting again. Sorry the rug didn't come out right! I once tried braiding a rug, but never got too far. I bet 2 days of sitting on the floor, including indian style, was probably just too much. I wonder if some of the pain is muscle pain. You have not used those muscles like that for a long time. And the fact that the pain started 1-2 days after, suggest DMS (delayed muscle sorness). If that is what it is, you should slowly start to feel better by day 3-4. Let us know, please. And as MrsLinda says, I think it is great that you can get into indian style at all!!!! I still do yoga, but can't come close to sitting like that anymore. I have a feeling I will be like you, want to be better NOW! Five months is not all that long from what I am told. My surgeon says to expect a full year before really back to full range. I am not a very patient person either, I fully expect to be skiing, at least cross county, by next winter, but I know I will have to go a little slower and easier than normal.

Cats....I worry about them jumping on me and the hair!!! So they are going out to the cattery for a few weeks. They will not be thrilled, but we have 5 (yes I said five), including 3 persians who are shedding right now. No, I am not a crazy old cat lady, tho my boys like to tease me with that. It is a long story how we got so many, but just suffice to say both my hubby and I are real suckers and some people know it!! BTW, the cattery is mine and just across the driveway, so they won't be gone from us, just in a different house! sex for a month??? I think we are gonna have to get a little creative here, can't imagine that.

Well, its my day off, so back to house cleaning!! Got to get things all set here and it time for spring cleaning anyhow so the place is getting a good going over. Just hope it last for another 3 weeks! Have a good day, everyone!
Well, pirouettegirl, I too could not sit cross-legged before the THR. The bone spurs are getting in the way. If you are like me, that will get better.

MrsLinda, I'm glad you mentioned feeling that way. I think I'm being selfish, but it is a kind of mourning the 'old' you. I think we all were doing the same thing before the surgery by wishing that we could go back to the days when we didn't have the arthritis. I think that my hopes were higher before the surgery but we have to give this more time.

Thanks for the kind words Balleteach. I was actually watching a TV show about extreme 'fitness' and thinking that only 2 years ago I could have tried something like that but now, I am just trying to get by and be as healthy as I can with what I have. I'm really not all that depressed, but I think the realization comes slowly that things are going to be different. But, I'm still going to wait until the end of a full year before I will really know what the limits are.

Here is another encouraging thought. I have a friend at the place where I work out who has both hips replaced. She had the recent one last November and the one before that November 2003. She had hip deformities from birth. One leg is considerably smaller than the other due to atrophy. After all this, she is not nearly as functional as I am but still she is trying so incredibly hard and she has come so far. She is now walking without a cane or crutches, when only 2 months ago she could not walk without serious crutches. Whereas I am trying not to limp, she is just happy walking. In the last few weeks she can even get herself up and down off the floor for situps (it's hard for her to get up, but she is doing it). We are all so incredibly lucky to be able to talk about our pains and share our successes. This is a great group. Thanks again for all of you for sharing.

I think I'll try that warm bath MrsLinda...

Happy Mother's Day to all you who are blessed to be mothers! :D
Wow Wigs, they cracked what?? Your femor??? Do you have small or thin bones? Or did they missize your implant? GEEEZ! I am so sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you are doing just great anyhow! So how is sleeping on your back doing? Do you have to use the wedge thing?

I have not seen or heard about the lazy susan thing, sounds like a good idea however. I will have to do a little research so see if we do have anything like that available here. Is it something made specifically for getting in cars? leggtoolong, where is your MIL from?

And yup, it is me having the bilateral hip replacement:) Six days, but who's counting. Mine will be non cemented too, legtoolong, but my surgeon has told me I will be weight bearing the next morning! I don't imagine too much weight, but still up and out of bed with a few steps.

I have been working extra hard to stay in good physical shape with extra emphasis on my core and upper body to help with recovery. Still trying to do as much as possible for my legs too so they will be strong enough to hold everything in place, but I am pretty much limited on what I can so without lots of pain. Can't run or rollerblade at all:(, but I do mountainbike, swim, eliptical and strength train almost daily. I will do light weights today and maybe an easy mountainbike ride with my visiting son and then rest up till surgery. I plan on doing recovery exercises as long as needed then hope to move back to my regular cross training. I hope by next spring I can try running again. I just hope I am not being overly optomistic about recovering. There is a guy near where we live that had both hips replaced when he was 50 yrs old, that was seven years ago. He has been running marathons regularly and does about 70 miles/week. I don't figure I will get anywhere near that, but it does give me some incentive.

I worry about weight gain too. Because we are so active, I eat a ton of food, over 2200 cal/day without gaining anything. It is all very good, healthy food, but still a large amount. I hope I am not going to want to eat like that when I am so inactive, or I will balloon!! DH, who will be doing most the cooking, is a fantastic cook too. Did most of you find that your appetite decreased any?

Anyhow, hope you all have a great day, talk soon!
Hi all. This is Ripanco's husband, Jerry, updating Andrea's status as she has now taken her oxycontin and percocet(sp?) and fallen into a DEEP sleep. Just too tired to go online tonight.

We checked into Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon, NH the morning of May 23. After the usual preliminaries, Andy was wheeled into surgery about 11 a.m. I was directed to the waiting room, given a pager, and told to hang around the medical center until they called me. They had a computer screen that I could check to see how it was going, not unlike the flight status screens at an airport. Just as I was starting to worry, one of the anesthesiologists called and told me it was going well but the left hip was more difficult than anticipated and it would be another hour. After almost exactly 4 hours of surgery and some tests, I was finally able to see her at about 4:30 p.m. She was awake and alert (she had opted for a spinal blockage, so she was conscious for the entire procedure.)

A few minutes later, Andy was in her private room. The nurses brought in a cot and I was allowed to stay with her in her room. I had (and have) quite a cold and we were both afraid I would be banished from the hospital for spewing my germs all over the place. No one said anything, and I felt better after noticing a nurse, who was obviously in worse shape than me, merrily sneezing and coughing her way down the hall - apparently they aren't too concerned unless the sick person has a fever. The illness turned out to be a blessing, as I was able to focus on feeling sorry for myself rather than worrying myself sick about Andy's surgery :) Andy was not allowed any food Monday night, and was not too hungry anyway. We talked a little and she went to sleep early. She was now getting narcotic pain relief and was not really there even when conscious.

Tuesday morning, she was much better. She had no hip pain and her biggest complaint was the bloating she was suffering. The staff wanted to make sure her kidneys got going again soon and they pumped literally gallons of IV fluids into her, as well as encouraging her to drink. About mid morning, her kidneys got the message and things started flowing. We got a visit from the physical therapist around lunchtime. Since she was feeling well, Andy was allowed to go weight bearing with a walker, and she shuffled around the ward for a few minutes with no pain, barely 20 hours after a bilateral total hip replacement. She was also now able to use the bathroom on her own. The surgeon stopped by later and Andy immediately started asking about going home the next day (Wed.) He said maybe Thursday if things continued to go well. In an attempt to hasten her recovery, she got back up and did some more walking on her own later in the afternoon. She finally tired herself out and experienced a little pain. She went to bed saying, 'I'm out of here tomorrow'.

At Wednesday morning's PT session, the therapist put away the walker and gave Andy crutches. Within 5 minutes, she was cautiously climbing stairs, making me very nervous, but it went well. After some discussion, the surgeon had agreed to discharge her as soon as the therapist gave the ok... So at 2 p.m. Wednesday, less than 48 hours post-surgery, we were headed home to central Vermont! This was a new record for the Dartmouth Medical Center by at least 24 hours. I attribute this to several things, including 1)Andy's determination to go into the surgery as strong and fit as possible. She worked out even with joint pain, determined to build her muscles and stamina ahead of time; 2) Her incredible stubbornness and refusal to let anyone else dictate to her, and 3)The great job Dr. Tomek and the rest of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock staff did.

Andy had no problems getting in and out of the car or getting into the house. We had previously moved our bedroom downstairs so she could live on one level for a couple of months. The only real glitch is that the recliner we purchased specifically for her recovery is not so great. It sits a little too low, and the footrest is hard for her to raise (no twisting allowed!) We may elevate it on a pallet, but it might still be a little cumbersome. I have the next 10 days off work, and I expect that Andy will be able to take care of herself quite well by then. I'm sure she will be online tomorrow with more details. Hope everyone else is doing well!
Hello Hippie Hipsters.

Ok, I have had a little time to cool off, and get a little more info on what went wrong with my surgery. Although this should not have happened, I don't think it will be as bad as I first thought.

So far from what I have been told, this is what happened:

Right hip was done first and went pretty well. When my dr finished with it and they were getting ready to turn me to the other side, he told me it went well, but that the joint was in bad shape, really worn out. I could see the head sitting in a dish on the counter. But at that time we were doing ok as far as timing. Timing was a concern since I only had a spinal which is good for only a bit over 4 hrs so there was a window to work in. After that I would have to be given a full general.

Towards then end of the left hip, dr told me it was much worse than he anticipated with a lot of bone loss in the socket and bone spurs that needed to be removed. He ended up having to use 1 screw on the socket because of the bone loss, but still did not need to cement. Then when he was about to close, with the correct stem, ball and socket in place, he decided he was not happy enough with the fit of the ball in the socket and asked for a new ball. Here is where the goof took place. The ball that he was given was the WRONG MATERIAL. My stem is titanium and the ball is suppose to be titaniam/cobalt. The ball that was put in is made of stainless steel. Titaniam and stainless steel react to create an electrical current that would cause the ball to corode with in a month or so.

My surgeon has been on the phone with me and is so upset about this you can't believe it. Although my anger was intially with him and the whole place, it looks like the responsiblity for the error is in the team that supplies material to the operating room. That ball should never have been in there to begin with. I have to say, the hospital has been very forthwright with everything, admitting full responsiblity. There will be some heads that roll there. I am glad to see they are being very proactive with this mess and want to be sure this will never happen again. And they did find the error pretty fast so it can be fixed now. They realized it when they go over the records for each surgery.

So I will be going in this coming Tuesday at 6:00 am. They will be using the same incision site, reopening it and just exchanging the ball. So it is a much easier surgery, should only take about 45 min and I can go home the next morning. It will not slow my recovery done very much. But I can tell you, I am not looking forward to the whole surgery thing again. Not fun. I hope they do not have to give me as much fluids as last time since I am still bloated from that! NO one told me I would look like the Michelin Man! But at least I know what to expect for the most part now:)

As far as my recovery, I am six days now. I have had little to no pain. Mostly a stiffness and a little sorness in my butt. But strength and range of motion are improving daily. Most amazing to me is that I can actually walk pretty well without any aid! I feel completely steady on my feet. And it dosen't hurt!!!!! It has been years since I could say that! I have no problems getting in and out of bed or chairs. but sleeping on my back is a drag. I actually had a dream last night about sleeping on my side:). It won't be too long before the staples on the right side will be able to come out and I can't wait!! I like sleeping on my left side better, but I'm sure the right side will be heaven! Last night for the first time I slept with regular pillows instead of the big foam wedge. Worked fine. My heels would ache with the wedge in, too much pressure on them for too long. I have been able to shower which was a very pleasent surprise. I just need to cover the incisions with Tegaderm and not soak the incision.

So I am still very happy I had my hips replaced and doing both at once was not a problem. I just have a little bump in my recovery:). I am looking forward to seeing what I can do in the coming months. I always try to think PATIENCE, Balleteach.
You have all answered so many of my questions. I have been viewing in the background for a few weeks.

I had a "surprise" PHR on april 11. I did not fall but have had RA for 27 years so I have joint damage. I went for an x-ray because my leg and hip were bothering me and I couldn't put weight on my leg. I found out I had fractured my hip at the X-ray place, went straight to emerg dept and had a PHR the next day. (and both TKR in 2004) Hip recovery has been much quicker and far less painful than knee for me.

Just wanted to let anyone out there wondering about THR/PHR this place is a gold mine for information. These women know what they are talking about!
Hi all you hippies,
I’m just back from a 4250 mile, 3 week road trip (hubby did all most all of the driving). We visited each of my four siblings and made a sentimental journey to my family farm in Indiana to get a load of fine hardwood (walnut, cherry, oak, ash and red elm) for my husband’s woodworking hobby. We are selling the farm this fall so this was our last chance.

I was stiff getting out of the van at each stop but loosened up with the walks around the rest stops. At the farm, I climbed up in the hay mow, where the lumber is stored, a half dozen times to help select the boards to take for projects I have in mind for hubby to make. This is an accomplishment since the ladder is straight up and down and the rungs aren’t close together. I also went back to the woods to get some “green” (not dry yet) walnut for bowl turning. I had help getting up and down from the tractor but felt wonderful getting to help select what to take. I was nervous about falling over branches, etc. but felt very stable. Since I got the right amount of correction on my left leg (3/4”) I walk without much strain. I do get tired sooner than my sisters, though. I need to get back to my exercises—I found very little time to do them on my trip.

We are now at our summer place in the mountains of northern Arizona to escape the Phoenix heat. We get a fair number of visitors but I feel good and ready to entertain!

Balleteach you asked if any others were grandmothers—I have 5 grandchildren, 3 girls and 2 boys. I get to see two of them this weekend—they say Grandma has been gone too long! I’m 61 years old by the way.
Hi All,

Wigs!!! Good to see you again! Been wondering where you were and how you are doing! I am soooo glad to see you have made some big progress. It is so encouraging when you can start to do things again. I do have a suggestion for the bath, at least it worked great for me and I never had to use the seat. Let me see if I can describe it in words. This is for a regular bath tub. And you need to be able to bend your knee and lift your leg behind you which I found was very easy to do and well within restrictions. I asked the PT and she thought it was a great idea! All I did was face the wall on either end of the tub about a foot away from the wall and right next to the tub. Leaned forward and put my hands on the wall for support. I then just lifted my leg behind me by bending my knee, like for doing a quad stretch. This brought my leg up high enough to swing over the side of the tub and put down in the tub. Make sure you get that leg far enough into the tub so you have room to get the second leg in. Then, leaning on the wall still, lift the second leg in the same way. Now, I have no idea if it is better to lead with a good or bad leg since both mine were 'bad', so you may have to experiment!:) Any how, glad you are back and keep posting!!

Welcome home Silver! Glad you did so well and had so much fun. I am just in awe at how far we have all come. And I am really glad you decided to ask on this board about what you could do after surgery and that Balleteach is here!!

It's funny that you posted about getting through the airports cause that is one of the things I was going to ask about this morning!! We are visiting DH's family in NC in 2 weeks so I am wondering what to expect when going through security. I know with all the metal in me I won't make it through, but just what did they do? How much longer should we plan on? How much x-ray do you think you get? I am concerned and not really looking forward to it. On the way home we booked a 3 hr layover in DC for a quick visit with #2 son (the baseball player), so we would like to leave the airport to have lunch with him, but then I believe I will have to so the whole screening thing again. BTW, Jerry's mom does not have a computer, so I will be awol for that week.

Linda: how is the diet/exercise going? Congrats on the weight loss!! That is really good. Keep it slow and steady, it is more likely to stay gone that way! I found that I did put on about 5-6 lbs after my surgery. My appetite sure did not slow down! I tried not to panic, but I am so scared of putting weight on again. I am back to working out pretty good again so it is starting to come down again. I need to drop about 3 lbs still. The funny thing is that my body fat has stayed low, I wonder if the metal affects that? Are you able to get out to walk much? It has been so freakin hot here in VT so it must be pretty bad in NY! DH and I just bought kayaks!! We have been renting but with the hot temps and me not being able to run now and not as much in the future, we decided to make the investment. We live less than 1/2 hr from a great river as well as a big resevoir. Getting in and out is still a little tricky for me, but I can easily go for a couple hours with no strain on my hips so it is a great workout.

And I had another milestone last night!!! I slept all nite without a pillow between my knees!! Yahoo! It was funny cause whenever I had to roll over, I would wake up just a little and worry it would hurt, but then I would get into position with no trouble and fall back to sleep.

Anyone heard from Greg lately?? And what the heck happened to the Intro thread!! Hummmph!

Well, I am off to my gait specialist PT today! He works my butt off, but I have to admit, he is really helping me, I am seeing lots of progress. Today, I am going to be anylized (sp?) on my bike! I know, not gait at all, but this is another service they offer and it is covered my insurance so what the heck. I take my bike and all the gear I would wear riding, they set it on a computer and have me ride! Then they make adjustments to the bike and my form for optimal use.

Take care everyone and welcome to all the newcomers. This is the best place for support and info even if the moderators are a bit rough!
Hi everyone!! Just checking in from the beautiful and chilly Pocono Mountains!! It drops at night into the 50's and I'm loving it.

I have a slight concern that I'm going to have to address when we get home. I've been having some "aches" in the buttock of the THR. I caught a post on the other thread about bursitis and I have a funny feeling I have bursitis, again but this time for some reason it's affecting my "butt". Not all day long, but it's anoying when it's there. Like a tooth ache in your butt!! Don't know how else to describe it. I've gone to my Mobic (anti-inflamatory) to see if taking that for a few days will help.

I know I'm getting paranoid but you don't think something "slipped" out of place do you? That's all I need........

Well let's see what the anti-inflamatories do for me. If I still have this ache y the time we get home I'll call the dr. and go and see him.

Other than that, we're enjoying ourselves. The weather is absolutely great; warm in the day and nice and chilly at night!! Gotta run...... hope everyone is well.
Ripanco, I was so sorry to read of all your problems. You and Ken both report numbness, although yours is so much worse! I have numbness also. There is a large spot around the incision that is pretty much totally numb. I also have varying degrees of sensory interruptions all down the side of that leg........not really numb, but not normal, either. A place on my ankle is more numb than any other spot.......for a long time, it felt as if there was ice on it, but that has gone away. Also, the two outside toes on that foot feel as if they are poking out through a hole in a sock. I've pretty much gotten used to these feelings. My husband has worked extensively in Physical Medicine, in hospitals, and says he feels this is all nerve damage, which may or may not resolve itself in time.

Ken, keep trying to walk, on your own, through the house.........walls and furniture, as well as door frames, make great supports! LOL Relearning walking is partially a matter of confidence and that takes a long time. I am 6 months out now, and doing fairly well on stairs. I have the rail on one side, which I hang onto very tightly, but I still kind of run my hand along the wall on the other side......nothing there to really hold onto, but it just makes me feel better to know that it is there! :) When bringing something upstairs, such as a laundry basket, I hold it on my good hip, grab the rail with my other hand and go up one step, with both feet on it, at a time. Slow, but it gets the job done!
Hi all,
Some of you asked me to let you know how I am getting along, so here is an update.
It has been 1 month since God’s miracle of healing my leg length difference! I’m starting to walk more normally and “feel” like my legs are the same length. We are at the cabin in the mountains of northern Arizona which we have recently named “Forest Haven”. It is pouring rain with lots of lightening and thunder. What a glorious place to be.

Yesterday we took two walks, one 1¾ miles and the other 1¼ miles. I was exhausted 1/3 of the way through the second one but kept going. We are at 7000 ft. here so that makes it a bit harder to get enough O2 . I have to concentrate, but I am walking with my left foot pointed out and bringing the leg in toward the right better.

We leave Oct. 11 for our cruise in the Mediterranean. Many of the shore excursion descriptions say one must be able to walk 2 miles. I hope that is the total for the day with some sitting time in between. The Parthenon will be a challenge with so many steps; I hope I can make it all the way.
Silver—What was your trip like in that regard?

My strength is slow in coming back, but I am determined to get strong again. I have pain in my right knee some of the time, especially when going up stairs. Doctors assure me it is not arthritis; it is a tendon which needs to be stretched out. This is all tolerable and I am still praising God for making my legs even.
Morning all ~ it's good to see the board so active again! I spent the long weekend in Hershey, Pennsylvania; "The Sweetest Place On Earth". Oh yes....there's lots of chocolate all around you. By the second day of the trip I was sick of chocolate if you can believe that!!

The hip held it's own pretty good. Hershey Park (Amusement Park) is very hilly. Up and down all over the place. At first I was a little intimidated; but by the third day I never noticed. What I did notice however is that I am still somewhat 'weak' in the thr hip. Stregnth wise weak. When I was carrying my luggage up a flight of stairs I noticed that with the weight of the bag in hand I was a little unsteady. I'm going to have to work on that. But no real pain to speak of. Yes the first morning after the park I was a little achey. but two advil did the trick and that was the end of the meds for the 4 days. I even went on a couple of roller coasters, the whip, some other things too that I can't remember. I did however avoid any rides that had me too low to the ground with my knees above the hip. Unfortunately one of my favorite water rides was out of the qustion. But all in all I had a great time and hope all of you had a good long weekend too. I need to run...lots of laundry to do!!
Hi All,
Well its officially fall, hard to beleive! :confused: I have a few questions.... like presently I wear sneakers I can slip in to, what about when I go back to work and want or need to wear shoes with laces that need tieing? And then there is the other problem of can I and how do I reach the bottom file drawer in my office? The doc said Ok for me to sleep on my stomach or on the THR side but need to use a pillow if I sleep on my other side.... well how do I know if I roll over while sleeping (this has my whife crazy with worry) how do you keep the pillow in place between your legs without using duct tape HA-HA
:bouncing: Also, how about everyone telling how long they were out of work after their THR??
Thanks in advance,
Hi keil ~ as for the pillow and rolling. I know this sounds weird but somehow you just keep it in place. I still will sleep with a pillow between my knees occasionally and when I roll it somehow rolls with me!!! And for the shoes, how far out are you? Well, you have a couple of options. There are elastic laces that once tied they stretch. I don't know how well they would look with dress shoes however. Or what I did and still do is sit on the bed and bend forward. Sometimes I bend at the waist but I'm over a year out. Or step up on something not too high and try that. [SIZE=5]Any other suggestions for tieing shoes???[/SIZE]

I was out of work a long time but that was my personal choice. I think if I were to have gone back sooner I felt up to it around the 8th month. But that's me....I had no pressure to return. Actually I just returned after 14 months but to a new job.
Hi Greg, and everyone else!

Recovery time: Everyone is different. Greg, I have to be the most impatient person in the world! Just ask my OS, DH, dear kids and everyone else that knows me. That can work in your favor for a fast recovery, if you are willing to work for it. I did recover extremely quickly (home from bilateral in just 2 days!) and continue to improve at above the curve. But I work hard at it. And as I keep stressing to anyone facing this kind of surgery, get strong before!!! You still have a month to go. You can do a lot to strengthen your core, upper and lower body. Lift weights!! I trained for my surgery the same way I train for an athletic event, ramping up my workouts to peak about a week before, then taking the last week nice and easy, eating well and getting rested up. The stronger muscle, tendons and ligaments will also help hold the new joint in place to lessen the risk of dislocation. I imagine it can't hurt an actor to have a little more sexy muscle tone too!! :D

I was able to walk without a noticable limp easily by about 4-5 weeks, including stairs. I did and still do a lot of PT working specifically on correcting my gait. Pool therapy is invaluable. The more you work on it, the faster you will recover, as long as you stay within your tolerance level. It does not come all at once and you will get very impatient at times, but slowly and steadily you will improve.

DH and I got home about midnight last night from a 4 day trip to DC to visit with the middle son. We had a ball!! We walked at least 6 miles everyday! Then went out every evening! Talk about exhausted! But the hips did great! Back and knees still are not use to the new hips so they complain the most, but mostly I felt really good. This still truly amazes me. I just had my 4 month anniversay.

Oh yea, the new running shoes I ordered came while I was gone!!! YEEEEHAAA
I can really relate to your pain Anne... I thought that it was going to be all pain free (and it is, just takes more time). They kept saying that it was soft tissue but I didn't believe them. It is really easy to get depressed but you should hang in there. I had a total replacement the Monday after Thanksgiving. The recovery seemed to go in waves. First I felt great... then I started doing activities and it would be OK when I exercised but get worse a day or two later. I would limp quite a bit when that happened. I would also get on the floor and do stretching exercises.

You have to consider that for me, the entire muscle area was having to learn to walk all over. I used to have Osteo Arthritis in the hip and there were bone spurs stabilizing the joint. Now these stabilizers are gone and muscles that haven't been working that much are now working. Also, I think that because it hurts I tended to put all my weight on the other leg. At first that was OK but later the other leg was tired and my back had problems from walking unevenly.

How old are you? Did you have any other issues before the accident? Were you in good muscular shape before? I think all these things have a play in the recovery. I have found that Pilates (taken slowly) has really helped to get the strength in the entire hip area back to where it was. If you don't have a good Pilates place to go, try some videos. Some of the stretching is a little too hard (even still) but if you don't go too far over the 90 degree limit it can also help the healing.

When my leg got sore I liked to sit in a hot tub. It really got the area to relax. Another thing I had was that when I stand straight and put the THR foot slightly behind me (knee straight) and then put my arms over my head and lean backwards. This stretches the front of the leg in a way that I can't get easily. Once I got this muscle to stretch the rest came a lot easier.

Stick with it (like you have a choice?)... just know that it does come and it gets much easier. Since yours was an accident it may not be as hard for you to rehab, but then again, my theories may be wrong and I'm just healing the joint as you are... we all try to figure out what our bodies are doing and read all we can to help them. We should also listen to them and be patient.

Let me know what you think and more about your situation.
Hey All:

Chris-now you are cooking:)! Blood transfusions are not the norm for most hip replacement surgery. In fact, my surgeon and hospital do not even recommend banking your own blood since they so infrequently use it. I banked one unit only because I was having simultaneous bilateral, but I did not need it. The pain following surgery is short lived, mostly just the first few days. It is easily controled with nice drugs, and you will be able to quickly decrease and eliminate their use. I do not think they will impair your ability to work at home after a few days. You are so going to love not having the hip pain!! Just yesterday I was thinking how cool it is to not need any pain relief at all. Haven't need even a Tylenol in over 2 months!

Your hospital should provide most of the home equipment you will need such as your grabber(your best friend), sock thingy, long shoe horn, crutches and walker. You will need to find your own raised toilet seat, insurance covered mine and I opted to rent one. I bought a tub seat, but never used it. We bought a recliner too and that was one of our best purchases, loved it. It has four feet so we bought those bed raisers and put it up on those so it was easy to get in and out of. Make sure you bring loose clothing to go home in, regular slacks will not fit over your leg. I also had a problem with water retention so I was about 20 lbs and 2 sizes larger than when I went in!

The first week is by far the toughest, but with all the family and support you have in place you should breeze through. Just let them all wait on you:)

Well, we are getting ready for a real nor'easter here!!! Time to batten down the hatches. By tonite all this rain will turn to snow with 30-50 mph winds. At our elevation we are forcast to get well over a foot of snow in the next 24 hrs with more for the next few days! There are still a lot of leaves on the trees too so we are almost guarenteed to lose power. We are hustling to get snow tires on, snow blower on tractor, generator ready, garden to bed, yada yada. I have already had to shovel our walkway last weekend. But, on the plus side, there is a real good chance that we will be skiing by the weekend which should be nice. I am really wondering how skiing will feel with my new hips! Ms Linda, are you getting the nasty stuff right now?? Balleteach, maybe we should all come visit you for a bit:)
I was wondering if anyone out there had severe back aches because of their bad hip. I need to get my hip replaced in the near future but don't know what to do about the lower back. Have been to every back doctor there is and they cannot find anything wrong. Is this a side effect. It is seems to be in the sacroiliac joints. This is my first time posting, don't know if I'm in the right place.

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