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Wow! what a totally hip group! Hello to everyone. There were so many questions from all of you... where do I begin.

First off Wigs, I was scared when I read all that about flexibility after the surgery too. It has been almost 5 months since my surgury and I can put on my own socks (without using any aids - I can even get my leg up to rest it on my other knee but I don't think I should do this... instead I just lean over and put my THR foot on top of my other foot and do the sock and shoe thing like that). I can ride bikes, bend over (I have been doing gardening). There is a little pulling sometimes and I'm extremely careful but I can now sit with straight legs and touch my toes. I couldn't do this with the arthritis. I am a little younger than most people here (I'm only 46) and it's different with everyone. I thought I would not be able to do as much as I am now (and it will only get better).

Collinsmom - no experience with any fevers. But, it does sound like you should get someone that you can trust in the way of a doctor about that.

Here is one other silly story... I got these cool 'sketchers' clogs that looked like they were tie shoes but you could slip into them. They were brand new before the surgery. I thought I would be so smart. What I didn't account for was this... the first couple of times I wore them, the tongue got pushed into the shoe and I couldn't bend down and get it out (the grabber wasn't strong enough either). Here I was all prepared and I had to have someone else pull the tongue out. If any of you haven't yet done the surgery I would suggest getting used to your clogs before surgery so that they are broken in first.

As for the antibiotics before the dentist. My doctor said it wasn't necessary for a cleaning (but perhaps for major digging dental work). However, the dentist had another idea. I think they are thinking about law suits in the dentists office... I really don't blame them. When I got to the dentist he was hopping mad that I hadn't told him and he gave me some to take right there :nono: (and a prescription for the next 2 years). Since my cleaning is never bad and I don't bleed much he cut me a break and didn't make me wait an hour.

I would say that the best thing to do before you go is to get in the best muscular shape that you can (to help with the recovery) and somehow take yoga or practice meditation so that you can help yourself deal with the inevitable impatience that we all have. It seems we have arthritis for years and put up with it but after the surgery we want to be up and running around in weeks... patience is hard to find (that's why we all talk in this thread... to prevent us all from going crazy and to reassure each other that it really does get better)... ;)

Keep posting!
:) HI ! I am 52 and having bad groin pain and buckling of the knee ( but its from the hip )..exrays showed some arthritic change-- ( the bad hip had 1/2 as much cartiledge as the good one ) An MRI showed a labral tear and 2 cysts,, I have several opinions: 1) doctor1 said have the cyst drained off the bone ; doctor 2 said : I need a total hip relacemnet 3) dr 4 said have arthroscopic hip surgery to " clean out" hip and repair labreal tear but recovery is still 6 weeks on crutches, 5) dr 5 said i need a hip. Meanwhile- when I work and am on my feet my leg buckles and i need a cane--- but hanging around the house- i am ok-- any thoughts

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