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HI old hippie friends and welcome new ones. I was just going to write but hip2it answered most of the questions with similar answers that I would have given. I used the raised toilet with the pail, but put it over the toilet. I started out using a walker, but then switched to a cane...for awhile used both...practiced with a cane but was steadier with walker. I never did use crutches. The chair with arms is also important and probably a pillow will be necessary. I also had to sleep with that big foam thing between my legs for 6 wks and could then switch to a reg pillow for a few weeks. I also used a shower chair for awhile. I had to wear those white stockings for 6 wks...was so happy when I could give those up. My surgery was Jan 4th...right total much happier pain...sometimes I feel pressure, but walking alot, going to the gym, and starting to feel more normal. It gets better all the time and NO PAIN!

Also right leg is slightly longer than my left now...dr said i could get a lift or wait. I decided to wait and see what happens...hopefully it will feel better...really don't want a lift and the difference it only about l/4 inch so maybe will even out.

I also had an epidural...was in the hospital for 3 days and then went to rehab for l5. I was really happy I did that, although my original plan was to go home. I had pt and ot there everyday....and I love those tools, sock thing, grabber, dressing stick, etc...

Good luck everyone..keep those questions coming...
Yes back pain can be a side effect to the hip, I had back pains too before the THR (total hip replacement). Think about it.... your whole body is "out of wack" due tothe hip! Now I'm not saying the back pain will completely dissapeaar the day you have the THR surgery but you will notice a big difference! I was going to a chiropractor (bad spell) once a month just to keep my back in line but have only seen him once since the THR (yesterday marked my 6 month anniversery)
Good luck and keep us posted, this is a great board to post problems, questions and get answers as everyone here is going thru or went thru the same thing!

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