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I guess I am posting for encouragement! :o) I had a partial hip replacement on February 27, 2005 (nine weeks ago today) as a result of being knocked down by my dog! I've had the in home physical therapy, graduated from a walker to a cane, and have been released by my doctor who says I am doing fine. I might have been over optimistic in thinking that by now I'd be walking well on my own, with little or no pain. Such is not the case. I don't use the cane in the house, but do have a bad limp, and it hurts a lot. I have reached the point where I am taking only Tylenol and can sometimes go for an entire day with only taking two regular strength when I get up and two more when I go to bed. Unfortunately, we are in a stormy weather pattern, with cold temps and one rain/snow storm after another. When these cold fronts move in I have a lot more pain.

I am wondering what some of you others think about my progress. Am I just expecting too much, too soon? Should I be able to expect improvement to begin to happen more quickly soon?

Another it usual to have numbness, not just where the incision was, but in other areas down the leg? I am not totally numb, but do have areas that seem to have sensory disturbance. The two little toes on that foot feel just as if they are poking through a hole in a sock, and are a little numb. I'd welcome any comments you may have. It's all well and good to be told I am doing fine, but I just wish I felt fine!

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