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Now you've got me thinking about my thigh pain. I can walk well and have no limp. But....when I go up stairs or step "over" something like the dog :) I have a pain/strain/pull whatever you want to call it, in the upper most part of the thigh. OS has told me repeatedly that the proceedure was excellent. Jokingly the other day I said "maybe the wrong size" implant was used. Could I actually be feeling the stem?? What's puzzling is that when I walk I'm fine. It's only when the leg has to go up and over something or also like when you get into bed on the non-THR side first.

Another thing that will cause soreness in the hip area is bursitis. Which... thank you very much, I developed. I did some research on this and found out that it's very common in people with THR. Great. And unfortunately it never totally goes away; just "calms" down.

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