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Hi Camilla and welcome.

Your DH's doctor should have already told him basically what the restrictions will be and discussed the recovery. But if not here goes:

Usually for a period of 6-8 weeks after the surgery you cannot do the following until your doctor gives the OK:

sit low - knees have to always be "lower" than hip
bend and lift things
reach for high objects
use regular toilet - raised seat or commode is highly recommended

Now, most are told to sleep on their backs and will have this foam thing to keep between the legs. This prevents the "crossing" of the legs/ankles. You can sleep on the un operated side but still need that "cushion" between the legs.

Pain levels differ. One "hipster" here just had bi-lateral surgery and had no real pain at all. Some have pain only at the sight of the incision due to all the muscles and tendons being cut. I had no hip pain, but did have that "pulling" pain from the cutting.

Let's see what else??? I know one of our other "hippy buddies" will include what I've missed.

Will he be going to rehab or will he have PT home? Has he been given any "gadgets" to help make life easier? His OT should take care of that. I'm sorry you didn't find us sooner...we could have really prepared you.

Recovery is different for each paitent. Each person is an individual and heals differently. Paitence is of the utmost!!!! You will feel like a million, but then when you try to do things, well you may get discouraged at first. Rest is important, but paitence is definately needed.

I came home with pain pills, Vitamine C, Iron, and Cumadin (Blood Thinners) and had to take the latter until I first saw the surgeon, which was around 8 weeks.

If I think of anything else I'll hop back on. I'm hoping one of our other "hippy friends" will see this and add to the list.

Keep asking questions!!

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