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Well, the downside of postponing it is you're not getting any younger, so why spend more time in the discomfort that I know (from experience) you must be in or will be in. I assume you suffer from osteoarthritis and that condition just doesn't get anything but worse and sometimes rather rapidly. I'm a veteran of two hip replacements.

I looked at your list of the things that your surgeon has said you'll never do after THR.
"cross my leg, sleep on my side with my knees drawn up, sit on the floor, sit in the bath, lift my knee to tie my shoe,"

So now I must ask you, can you cross your legs comfortably now, lift your knee to tie your shoe (what's wrong with sitting down and putting on a shoe?). Is crossing your legs (I couldn't do this for years before surgery and can't do it now. So what?) The bathtub part - in the short term maybe, but some truly dedicated-to-tub-bath folk figure it out eventually. I don't happen to be one of them. Nor do I understand telling you you can never sleep on side with knees drawn - again, in the short term certainly. But there is such a thing as recovery and return to a pretty normal life. I sleep on my side all the time now with a knee drawn up to my chest. Where did your doctor get this stuff?

During the weeks and months following the surgery, yes, you will definitely be given restrictions about position and movement. But these things don't last forever and I think you may have misunderstood your surgeon's meaning or he/she is terribly conservative and doesn't want to promise you anything except maybe relief from pain.

In addition, you say: "lose my ability to garden, to play on the floor with my dog, to dress myself in socks and shoes, to clip my toenails, to take a bath, to turn when swimming laps, and to do probably many other things..."

[B]This just isn't true.[/B] Where did you get these ideas? I do all these things (except I don't have a dog to play with or a pool to swim in and I got out of the tub-bath habit when my arthritis was so bad). It has been 3 years since my THRs. I am going tomorrow morning to walk a 7-mile hiking trail after which I will probably go out and pull some weeds in my garden.
Last week I cut and buffed my own toenails. This morning I put on socks and tie shoes all by myself.

Granted, it took many months for me to be able to do these things. It was hard work to get strength and some flexibility back. I was terribly debilitated from years of arthritis. I am now in my 60s and I will never be as agile or flexible as I was when I was 30. That's a given.

I waited so long to have the surgery that I couldn't take a step without a cane. I waited too long and lost a chunk of living because of it, quit my job and essentially my world got smaller and smaller. That is my only regret because in hindsight I consider the procedure a real life-changer.

Finally you say that you aren't in very much pain and have no trouble walking (except you limp?) so maybe it is too soon for you. Or maybe your symptoms and disability aren't limiting you significantly yet. When they become so, you will know.

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