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Knee problems
Jun 13, 2005
Hello! Im new to HealthBoards so if I'm posting in the wrong place please let me know. (This is my first post ever here)

Anyway I have been having knee pain for years and years. When I am walking it sometimes goes out one me, lots of times going up and down stairs. When I move it it makes a cracking sound, and you can feel it if you have your hand on my knee when I move it. If I sit "Indian style" my knee locks up and I have to have someone help me move it. Sometimes it swells up but not all the time, and most every day I have a throbbing pain in it at some point during the day.

I talked to my Dr. about this he did a MRI on it and said nothing looks wrong. That was 4 years ago and It still does it!

Any suggestions? anyone have the same problems? Should I see another Dr? Am I facing surgery sometime? Any help would be appreicated!

Thank you in advance.

PS I'm a 29 year old female.

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