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Hi gram17 - I saw this post before I left for vacation and didn't have time to reply. I'm actually still on vacation using my husband's laptop. Can't type too good on this!!

I'm curious about your "bursitis". I had my surgery 1 year ago and suddenly I have this "ache" in my buttock. And when I saw your post I wondered if I've developed the same type of bursitis. It's annoying; like a toothache in your butt. I don't have it all the time, but I've started my anti-inflamatories again.
How did your doctor determine the problem? I'm thinking that if this doesn't go away I'm going to have to go and get it checked. Did the dr. say what caused this?

I feel your frustration; I too have wondered if I ws the only one who didn't "breeze" throught he proceedure. I have problems lifting my leg up and over things and stairs are difficult at times. Granted I have no more arthritis pain, but I didn't expect to have problems stepping over things. Talk to you soon!

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