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Hi Stacie, I had two cort shots to delay my surgery until a more convenient time. The first lasted 6 weeks and the second even longer, but my surgery was 8 weeks after the second shot so I don't know how long it would have lasted. The shots are AMAZING and (in my case) were painless as well. They deaden the injection site so you don't feel it, and afterwards I was walking limp free and pain free. So I highly recommend them if you need to buy time finding the right surgeon and doing research. Also, there is a lubricating gel that some doctors can inject into bad knees along with cortisone which prolongs the positive effects by months. Even though the gel is not officially approved for hips, some doctors may be able to inject this gel into your hip with the cortisone (my dr. offered to do this), with the idea that you can get one of these 'double' injections every 6 months to help you put off surgery for years. My Dr. said it's worked for a number of his patients, it depends on the person. (I elected to get the surgery this year due to insurance reasons.) Worth looking into! Good luck... Greg

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